Can Overnight Teeth Whitening Strips Match Professional Treatments?

The results had me grinning

I love the results that a professional teeth whitening session at the dentist brings. But between work and looking after my two young sons, getting to an appointment is a challenge. And when I do actually get to the clinic, I find the time in the chair a bit, well, frustrating when there is so much else to do.

I am all about time saving when it comes to my personal up-keep, so I was keen to find a low-touch, low-stress way to whiter teeth.

I am already a fan of White Glo toothpaste (I’m currently using the Ultra Fresh Whitening Toothpaste daily) so, I thought I would try and claw back some time by enlisting the brand’s Overnight Treatment Strips. I love that this brand is developed by dentists and safe on enamel. Also, the fact that each strip is dosed with the same whitening ingredients used by dentists means that I should be able to reap similar benefits as I do in the dentist’s chair.

white glo

White Glo Ultra Fresh Whitening Toothpaste, $5.99 at White Glo

As well as being keen to save on time (always), I am also keen to try beauty hacks that are easy. These overnight treatment strips could not be more simple. I popped a strip onto my top and bottom teeth, then folded the excess strip over my teeth so that each strip felt snug. Then I went to bed and slumbered while the slow-release technology did its work on my pearly whites. Could not be easier.

When I woke in the morning, the strips were still in place. I jumped out of bed to see the results. After pulling the strips off (I had had mine on for the recommended 9 hours), my teeth felt fresh and clean and they definitely looked brighter.

white glo

White Glo Overnight Treatment Strips, $29.99 at White Glo

For best results, the pack tells me to do this for the following seven nights. I do that (because I am a beauty nerd) and after a week my teeth look brighter and whiter. I have kept up my White Glo toothpaste, as directed, to keep the results going. And for the win, I haven’t spent a minute stressing about getting to whitening appointments.  

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