’70s Fashion: The Icons Who Still Shape The Way We Dress Today

True style stands the test of time

There are some eras in fashion you look back on and ask, ‘What were they thinking?’, but when you look at the 1970s there was just something oh-so-cool about it, something that makes you wish you had been there. 

The ’70s were all about peace, love and equal rights and this was reflected in the fashion – with self-expression key. So there’s little wonder why designers just can’t get enough of it and keep turning to it season after season for inspiration.

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Charlie's Angels
‘Charlie’s Angels’, Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson. (Credit: Getty)

It was all about the relaxed vibe, with high-waisted denim, flairs, bell-bottoms and bell sleeves, chic tailoring and man-style suiting, platform heels, headscarves and big sunglasses.

And for evening wear it was all about that disco fashion and the ‘Studio 54’ vibes: think sequins, metallics, halter tops and big bouncy hair.

Fashion icons of the era – whose style still stands the test of time – include Bianca Jagger, Cher, Jane Birkin, Farrah Fawcett and her ‘Charlie’s Angels’ co-stars Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith, Diane Von Furstenberg, Diana Ross and Twiggy.

This season designers are having another major ’70s moment, with flairs, high-waists and tailored suiting – as well as soft floaty florals and bold sleeves – all back in a big way.

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