25 Gossip Girl Looks We Still Love

...xoxo, Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl here… Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Been missing Serena’s bohemian dresses, Blair’s preppy style or Little J’s scandalous looks since the show wrapped up filming 4 years ago? Well not to worry, because we’ve rounded up our 25 favourite looks from the show that we *still* love, so you don’t have to go and binge watch all six seasons on Netflix! 

Rugging up for the cold New York winters! (Credit: Getty Images)

Costume designer Eric Daman, who burst out onto the fashion scene when he worked as a guest stylist on ‘Sex and the City’, served as the primary stylist for ‘Gossip Girl’ throughout the shows six seasons. Audiences watched on as the popular, wealthy teens of the Upper East Side sauntered around the streets of New York, intermingling in each other’s lives and sparking scandalous drama that was broadcasted throughout their social circles by an *unknown* blogger. It was during these six seasons that Daman referred to his training under Patricia Field, the world famous ‘Sex and the City’ stylist, who he has heralded as the inspiration for his designs in ‘Gossip Girl’, as she was known for “pushing the boundaries and expanding the character through clothing.”

Florals for spring (Credit: Getty Images)
The blonde-beauty rocked daring, yet feminine pieces. (Credit: Getty Images)
Little J before her famously gothic transformation! (Credit: Getty Images)

Turning everyday into a fashion show and the streets of the Upper East Side into a runway, Daman dressed the A-list cast of ‘Gossip Girl’ to the nines, creating a uniquely preppy, yet edgy vibe that had fans of the show flocking to recreate their favourite characters looks! 

Colour blocking was a staple of Serena’s wardrobe! (Credit: Getty Images)
Every girl needs a Chanel purse, right? (Credit: Getty Images)
Serena wore a slew of sultry, figure hugging dresses throughout the series. (Credit: Getty Images)

Audiences watched on as the flirtatious, fashionable ‘it’ girl Serena van der Woodsen, played by Hollywood household name Blake Lively, ruled her prep school to become the highly sought after Queen Bee. Serena’s on-screen transformation was met with a string of swanky, on-trend outfits personalised specifically for the blonde-beauty’s curvaceous, towering frame. 

Checkered tights? Yes, please! (Credit: Getty Images)
Blair often donned loud prints and vibrant colours (Credit: Getty Images)
The dynamic duo often sported opposing colours to reflect their conflicting personalities. (Credit: Getty Images)
Black is the new black! (Credit: Getty Images)

…not to mention the on-screen transformation of Jenny Humphries, played by Taylor Momsen! Lover boy’s little sister discovered her own passion for fashion and began creating gothic inspired garments from scratch. 

Oversized shopping bags, glamorous garments and who could forget her signature headband? (Credit: Getty Images)
Colour blocking and an oversized clutch? Check! (Credit: Getty Images)

Earning Eric Daman a nomination from the Costume Designers Guild, ‘Gossip Girl’ inspired fans of the show to be daring and creative with their fashion choices. Daman told InStyle that he hopes fans remember the show as “an iconic one that brings to mind rich, naughty Upper East Siders and their impeccable taste in clothing!” 

Pointed shoulders and electric blue trousers, because, why not? (Credit: Getty Images)
A demure, muted look for the Queen Bee. (Credit: Getty Images)
Always clashing, in fashion and in friendship. (Credit: Getty Images)
We *love* this bright green cape coat (Credit: Getty Images)
Those high waisted pallazo pants are almost as gorgeous as that vibrant orange scooter! (Credit: Getty Images)

Fans wanting to infuse the signature ‘Gossip Girl’ style into their wardrobes flocked to online shops in herds, vying to add a flair of Serena’s boho style or Blair’s classy vibes to their own looks.

Adding an edge to the school uniform. (Credit: Getty Images)
An iconic look for the frenemies. (Credit: Getty Images)
Sporting a leather jacket to school was Serena’s signature style. (Credit: Getty Images)
We love this two toned mauve and navy look. *Especially* the suede boots. (Credit: Getty Images)
An ivory gown for ‘The White Party’. (Credit: Getty Images)
Red fishnets and an oversized tote. (Credit: Getty Images)
1920s inspired flapper girl look. (Credit: Getty Images)

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