25 Sex and The City Looks We Still Love

Which one would you wear?
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Over the 6 years that HBO’s comedy-fuelled ‘Sex and the City’ graced our television screens, the fashionable foursome of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda, rocked a slew of edgy, daring and memorable looks… Check out our top 25 picks that we’d *still* wear, even today! 

Carrie rocking a fur coat with burgundy accessories. (Credit: Getty Images)

As the four inseparable bachelorettes sauntered around New York, sharing intimate stories and seeking out advice from one another, there was certainly no shortage of trendsetting, extravagant outfits to drool over! Patricia Field, who worked as a costume designer and stylist for the shows six seasons, told Racked that she views style as a way of telling a story about “who you are and what you’re doing that day – put yourself on a stage…” This bold fashion philosophy can no doubt be seen in the iconic looks Field put together for Carrie! 

The blonde-beauty in an off the shoulder, layered floral dress with a matching baby pink purse. (Credit: Getty Images)
Carrie and Big in their Sunday best. (Credit: Getty Images)
Mixing and matching prints and colours was one of Carrie’s favourite trends. (Credit: Getty Images)

It’s been 12 years since the final episode of ‘Sex and the City’ aired, and yet we’re still head-over-heels in love with and inspired by Carrie’s dramatic, personal style. Field recently revealed that it was her goal to ensure that Carrie’s looks were always original, stating, “Whatever she’s wearing has to be completely original to the last in time.” 

A crown for the Queen of fashion! (Credit: Getty Images)
Carrie was always rocking fur pieces throughout the show’s 6 seasons! (Credit: Getty Images)
Summery dresses, unique handbags and her unruly, golden hair became a staple look for Carrie. (Credit: Getty Images)

Audiences became enchanted by Carrie’s effortlessly cool, yet eclectic and daring style, with many trying to replicate the 90’s inspired looks that combined high fashion pieces with thrifted, vintage designs. 

The iconic tank top with a tulle ballerina skirt look! One of our favourites… (Credit: Getty Images)
We’re dying over these boots! (Credit: Getty Images)
Only Samantha could pull this one off! (Credit: Getty Images)

…and Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t the only one getting the A-list uptown New York style treatment! Best friend and powerhouse PR executive Samantha aka Kim Cattrall rocked some seriously sultry looks that only she could pull of during the shows time on air. 

The two blonde-beauties rocking prints. (Credit: Getty Images)
Fur, stiletto booties and tulle. Sex and the City must haves! (Credit: Getty Images)
A classic 90’s look that has just reemerged on the style scene! (Credit: Getty Images)
This coordinating blush tones, ivory and slick prints literally made our day! (Credit: Getty Images)
We just ‘adore’ this Dior print tee with a cute crocheted cardigan and oversized tulle lavender skirt. (Credit: Getty Images)

The ‘Sex and the City’ fashion team taught us all how to take risks with fashion and rock bold, clashing prints, bright neon, fur, tulle and whatever our heart desires…Field’s main message for fans of the swanky, stylish looks donned by the four bachelorettes was to just go for it! 

A sweet checked scarf with an ultra edgy woollen skirt and brown blazer for Carrie! (Credit: Getty Images)
Carrie’s favourite tulle look reinvented! (Credit: Getty Images)
Blush tones, lavender and lilac! (Credit: Getty Images)
An Eiffel bag tower? Only Carrie! (Credit: Getty Images)

The fashion-obsessed Carrie, who famously said “When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I found it fed me more”, literally lived and breathed all things style and clothing. 

Another fur, tulle and neon print look for Carrie! (Credit: Getty Images)
The inseparable best friends rocking entirely different styles, owing to their entirely different natures! Are you more of a Samantha or a Charlotte? (Credit: Getty Images)
A floral dress with matching clutch…if ‘Sex and the City’ taught us anything, it’s a woman always needs a great clutch! (Credit: Getty Images)
*The* white dress with gold accessories. Love! (Credit: Getty Images)

The romantic comedy series featured the four different women in an attempt to tackle issues about sexuality, femininity and individuality. Along with their totally different styles, the four best friends, through their different personalities, represented the importance of female friendships and the individual viewpoints women can hold, in what has since been heralded as a celebration of female empowerment! *Love*

Who else would look this stylish in a snow storm? (Credit: Getty Images)
A more sombre look for the usually glammed up ‘Sex and the City’ girls (Credit: Getty Images)

…and if these 25 looks weren’t quite enough to fulfil your desire to rewatch all 94 episodes of ‘Sex and the City’ for some much needed fashion cues, then check out @everyoutfitonsatc, a seriously real Instagram page dedicated to documenting *every* *single* *outfit* ever worn throughout the series. Yup, that exists. You’re welcome. 

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