The ’90s Fashion Trends We Can’t Believe We Loved

And a few that are making a comeback

Ah, the ’90s: an era filled with the Spice Girls, Brad and Jen, and a lot of questionable fashion choices. Though we’re seeing a resurgence of some of the defining ’90s fashion trends, such as double denim and baggy jeans in the form of mum jeans and Levi’s 501s, there are other ’90s outfits we’re hoping stay buried safely in our long-forgotten family photo albums.

Below, we count down the fashion that – for better or for worse (mostly for worse) – defined the 1990s.

13. Flared jeans

Remember the days when you could never imagine wearing straight-legged jeans?

cameron diaz

12. Platform sneakers 

The Spice Girls defined 1990s fashion, but how did they walk without falling over?


11. Knee-high socks

Extra points if they’re striped and mismatched (no? just me?).


10. Crushed velvet

Princess Diana can do no wrong.

crushed velvet

9. Chokers 

Sure, they made a brief comeback a few years ago, but none in the form of the OG black plastic we once adored. 


8. Mood rings

True or false: you 100% believed mood rings were accurate?

mood rings

7. Pleated skirts – most likely plaid or denim

Avril Lavigne, a ’90s style icon. 


6. Boob tubes

Extra points if it was from Supre. 

boob tube

5. Scrunchies

Best worn with hair half up half down. 

srah jessica parker

4. Anything Roxy

Let us reiterate that, anything Roxy.


3. Scarf tops

Insider tip: scarf tops could be making a comeback this summer – you heard it here first. 

destiny's child

2. Hip-hugger jeans 

Grip jeans, anyone?


1. Cargo pants

A staple in every teen’s wardrobe

cargo pants

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