Your Non-Basic Guide To This Season’s Activewear Trends

It’s going to be a fit girl summer

Mark our words: it’s shaping up to be a fit girl summer. Every year, when September hits, exercise moves up a few rungs on our priority list. While our physical and mental health should be a priority all year ’round, there’s something about warmer weather that gives motivation levels a boost; however, if your enthusiasm is flailing, new activewear always helps.

Here, we round up three non-basic trends set to dominate the athleisure space this summer.

1. Reduced Environmental Impact

Conversations around sustainability in fashion are only gaining momentum which is great news for both conscious consumers and the environment. Eco-conscious activewear labels, including Nimble, Girlfriend Collective, ECCO and First Base, are leading the charge by creating clothing out of recycled materials. Nimble, for example, has transformed more than 800,000 plastic bottles into sports bras, workout tops, leggings, shorts and post-workout wear since 2015. Shoe manufacturer ECCO has overhauled its leather tanning process using patented ECCO DriTan technology, which significantly reduces the amount of water and chemicals used. Pretty impressive stuff if you ask us.

2. Bright Sneakers


White sneakers will always hold a special place in our heart, but this year, bold hues are bang on trend. Danish brand ECCO’s recently-released BIOM 2.0 is the perfect blend of style and performance. Originally developed for elite athletes, these running shoes mean business: a rubber sole offers superior grip and stability, while the low-to-the-ground construction provides a natural position for the foot and increases stability on unstable ground.

Tech aside, it’s the aesthetics of the ECCO BIOM 2.0 that makes us want to hit ‘add to cart’. Sleek and street-smart, these are the kind of sneakers that you can throw on for your workout and leave on all day. Available in a wide range of colours, including red, blue and mint green, the BIOM 2.0 is a sure-fire conversation starter. Pair with an all-black ensemble to let your sneakers do the talking.

3. Coloured Coordinates

While it might not be new, the matchy-matchy activewear trend that defined 2020 is set to see another day. There’s something about coordinated activewear that makes us feel cool, calm and collected, even during a spin class or morning run. In 2021, last season’s neutrals have been replaced by a wide range of pastel hues. Donning a colourful two-piece set helps to increase motivation on those mornings you’d rather be in bed – trust us, works every time!

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