Lara Worthington lends her light to Aussie fashion newcomer Albus Lumen

The girl of the moment is radiant indeed in these pictures

How do you stand out amidst all the noise of fashion week? One way is to whisper not shout, as new Australian label Albus Lumen does with its understated, quietly beautiful clothes.

But it does help if everyone else is yelling about your gloriousness from the rooftops. Casting Lara Worthington as your “face” will help with that.

“Lara and I have been friends for a long time,” says Marina Afonina, the stylist-turned-designer behind the label, which presented its collection via a photographic exhibition instead of a runway show at MBFA today.

“It was a no-brainer to have Lara front the campaign – obviously she’s stunning, but she is also the perfect representation of the Albus Lumen woman: Lara has an innate sense of style and is the ultimate Australian girl. Her being a mum makes it even better – my brand is for all women, not just the younger market.” 

So what on earth does Albus Lumen mean? “It’s Latin for ‘white light’,” laughs Afonina. “The aesthetic of the label is drawn from a sense of effortlessness, unifying simple shapes and classic modernity, using a combination of earthy tones and luxe fabrications, the Resort collection is a nod to the European summer and craftsmanship, epitomising minimal edge and relaxed style. Inspired by European summers, Albus Lumen, the brand is about confidence in simplicity.”

And if white light were a woman right now, it would be Worthington.

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