Would You Buy An Alexa Chung-Designed Raincoat?

It'll set you back $1000

Alexa Chung is a British It girl for many reasons. She’s funny. She’s stylish. And she knows how to dress for rainy weather. Case in point, any of her many Glastonbury festival outfits. So, naturally, now she’s designing rain coats.

The TV host, model and fashion designer recently launched her own clothing line, Alexachung, which has teamed up with iconic English workwear brand Barbour for a range of ultra cool raincoats.

Designing six new pieces for the brand, Chung has taken her magic touch to the outdoors — a bit of a change of direction for the woman best associated with Peter Pan collars and cute prints, but one that works regardless. The resulting raincoats are ultra chic, perfectly in line with this season’s love of utility, and ideal for dreary British summers (or winters, for that matter).

Retailing for just over AU$1000 each, the raincoats don’t come in cheap. But considering Barbour is worn by royals, and Alexa Chung represents the best of modern British design (we might be biased, but we’re a little obsessed), it seems like a fair price to pay for a part of British history. Too far? Potentially, but you have to admit they are cool raincoats.

Alexa Chung

Alexachung x Barbour raincoat, $1,064;

Alexa Chung

Alexachung x Barbour raincoat, $653;

Alexa Chung jacket

Alexachung x Barbour raincoat, $1,216;

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