The Most Popular Handbags Of The 2010s

We take a look back at the designer handbags that made their mark in the 2010s

There is a very small percentage of handbags that reach cult status – even few that receive such notoriety as ‘handbag of the year’. As we come nearer to the end of a decade, it only seems fitting to celebrate the ‘it-bags’ that donned the covers of the world’s biggest fashion magazines, went viral on Instagram and will remain on our wish list for years to come.

Whether your handbag style requires a more practical approach, like the Céline Luggage, or if Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Lego Bag made you cry like it did Kim Kardashian, we’ve got you covered with a round-up of all the designer handbags that defined the 2010s.

2010: Alexander Wang ‘Rocco’

A bag that had no label but was instantly recognised by its distinctive grain leather and the row of studs that adorned its base. The ‘Rocco’ first debuted on the arm of Mary-Kate Olsen before it had hit stores and its sheer uniqueness instantly made it a fan favourite.


Alexander Wang ‘Rockie’, $760 at

2011: Céline ‘Luggage’

Justified because of its practicality, the Céline (not Celine) Luggage was the everyday handbag of every fashion girls’ dreams. Everyone from Rosie Huntington-Whitely to the Kardashian’s owned one, and the iconic style has since been designed in smaller sizes too.


Céline ‘Micro Luggage’, $3,750 at

2012: Givenchy ‘Antigona’

Walk into any fashionable café or restaurant during 2012 and a Givenchy ‘Antigona’ could be seen resting on the tables and chairs of most of the patrons dining there. They’ve been used by the elite as baby bag’s, and with so many colour, pattern and size variations, it was impossible to own the full collection.


Givenchy ‘Antigona’, $3,050 at

2013: Chanel ‘Lego’

We weren’t kidding when we said Kim Kardashian cried over this bag. The Chanel ‘Lego’ is still one of the most sought-after bags to this day, despite it being the least traditional handbag in the fashion house’s collection. It also was accompanied by an exorbitant price tag and the current resell value is over $10,000 for one in exceptional condition.


Chanel ‘Légo’, $13,011 at

2014: Saint Laurent ‘Sac de Jour’

From a handbag that could pass as a piece of lego, to the mature style of the Saint Laurent ‘Sac de Jour’ – our shopping habits definitely saw a significant shift between 2013 and 2014. The successful style is still a favourite today and makes for the perfect work bag!


Saint Laurent ‘Sac de Jour’, $3,290 at

2015: Fendi ‘Micro Peekaboo’

Did Fendi start the micro trend without us even knowing? The ‘Micro Peekaboo’ first hit the runway at the brand’s Spring 2015 Ready to Wear show and its popularity hasn’t slowed down since. It was small in size, but it was mighty popular with celebrities and fashion influencers alike.


Fendi ‘Peekaboo Iconic Mini’, $5,600 at

2016: Gucci ‘Marmont’

With Alessandro Michele at the helm, Gucci experienced a resurgence in the mid-2010s – pioneered by a pair of sneakers, some fluffy loafers and the ‘GG’-adorned ‘Marmont’ bag. Since then, the bag has been released in just about every colour, material and pattern you can think of.


Gucci ‘Marmont Matalessé Mini’, $2,250 at

2017: Chloé ‘Nile Bracelet’

Part handbag, part jewellery piece, Chloé’s ‘Nile Bracelet’ bag flooded Instagram feeds the world over. It oozes luxury Parisian chic with a side of Chloé’s classic equestrian allure. Just genius.


Chloé ‘Nile Bracelet’, $1,779 at

2018: Dior ‘Saddle’

Keeping with the equestrian theme, Dior revived one of its most popular styles, the ‘Saddle’. The bag’s success has been impossible to keep up with, and the trending piece has encouraged shoppers to search into the vintage archives for the original designs. We still can’t decide which edition is our favourite, though you can never go wrong with a Dior monogram.


Dior ‘Oblique Saddle’, contact Dior for pricing enquiries

2019: Bottega Veneta ‘Pouch’

The word ‘Pouch’ became synonymous with Bottega Veneta in 2019, when the brand’s creative director, Daniel Lee, launched the years ‘it-bag’ to immediate success. The bag has sold out more times than we can count and includes style icon Rosie Huntington-Whitely as one of its biggest fans.


Bottega Veneta ‘The Pouch’, $3,730 at

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