Allbirds New Activewear Is Equal Parts Functional And Sustainable

Get ready to run.

There are plenty of activewear labels out there, but few who do both sustainability and functionality well. Allbirds are known for their excellent active footwear, and their new venture into the world of sustainable activewear is set to be just as popular.

In case you’re not across Allbirds yet, the brand was birthed after New Zealand-born co-founder, Tim Brown, realised that the footwear industry wasn’t utilising the benefits of merino wool. Working alongside Joey Zwillinger, an engineer and renewables expert, their focus became functional footwear inspired by natural materials. A certified B Corp business, the environment is front of mind in everything the brand does, from packaging to product.

For the first time, Allbirds has ventured into activewear with its Natural Run collection – a capsule featuring practical yet stylish running gear that will work just as well for brunch as it does in a marathon.


Allbirds Natural Run Form Tank, $100

You’ll find two running top styles – a form-fitting tank and a looser option, both utilising eucalyptus tree fibre and merino wool to create moisture-wicking material.

On the pants side, there are leggings – super soft, comfortable and mid-weight, perfect for weight training right through to long-distance. The same material has been used to create bike shorts for warmer weather, and for those who prefer loose shorts, the Natural Run Short has a hint of stretch to keep things comfortable, while being super breathable.


The Allbirds Natural Run collection is available now via the Allbirds website, here.

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