Every Over-The-Top Outfit From ‘And Just Like That’ Season 2

Filming is officially underway.
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And just like that… season two is underway.

In October, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Davis were spotted filming scenes for the brand new season of And Just Like That…, and unsurprisingly, the outfits were as extravagant as ever (of course Carrie Bradshaw has the JW Anderson pigeon purse). 

And while the plot of season two remains a mystery, there are a couple of things we can assume. Namely, note that SJP and Davis were spotted filming alone—their third comrade Cynthia Nixon AKA Miranda Hobbes was noticeably absent meaning that the lawyer may well have shacked up with Che in LA, per her decision at the end of season one. 

What’s more, Parker has also been spotted filming with Ivan Hernandez, who plays Carrie’s podcast producer Franklyn. In the final scene of season one, Carrie and Franklyn shared a surprise kiss, so with his presence is season two now confirmed, it appears their potential romance is far from over. 

Over the next few weeks, expect to see a bunch of new pictures of the cast roll in, revealing potential plot points and, more importantly, the revered wardrobe of Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda (when she’s not in LA, at least). 

Keep scrolling for every look we’ve spotted so far. 

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On October 5, Parker and Davis were seen filming And Just Like That… in New York City. Parker wore a khaki boiler suit with a pair of sky high gladiator heels by Dior.

She added a pair of socks (yes, socks with sandals) to the ensemble, and finished the look with a pigeon purse by JW Anderson. Consider us shaken—we didn’t think it possible that a Carrie ensemble could still surprise us. 

But of course, for the iconic columnist with a penchant for eclectic taste the accessories, the $890 pigeon clutch is the perfect addition to Carrie’s worker off-duty street style.

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Davis meanwhile wore an extremely Charlotte-esque outfit featuring a sheer black blouse complete with a white collar and bright pink pussy bow. She added a plain black pencil skirt and black pumps. 

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On October 10, Parker was pictured filming alongside Hernandez in a striking fuchsia wrap dress featuring long sleeves reaching knee-length. She wore matching fuchsia strappy heels and carried a weaved handbag. 

Per the show’s costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago’s joint Instagram account, @andjustlikethatcostumes, Carrie’s dress was a vintage find, while her necklace was by Jemma Wynne. 

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In an interesting Sex and the City first, Rogers and Santiago revealed that the all-fuchsia ensemble marked the first time in history that Carrie has worn one colour across her entire outfit. Suffice to say it’s a vibe. 

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As a fashion show, it was only fitting that And Just Like That would be looking to the haute couture runways for sartorial inspiration this season. However, this iconic crimson Valentino look from the maison’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection, which has been costumed to Nicole Ari Parker, has caught audience’s attention for an entirely different reason.

Fans have deduced this dress, worn by Lisa Todd Wexley in the show, can only be fit for a fashion extravaganza of the ages. What fashion-focused event takes place in New York? The Met Gala. 

And it looks as if the fans could very well be correct in their theories, after Kristin Davis was spotted in a, well, interesting ensemble that would only make sense on the steps of the Met.

And Just Like That...
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Davis, who plays Charlotte York Goldenblatt in the Sex and the City revival, was seen filming on the streets of New York City wearing what one liken to an equestrian from the Turn of the Century. The actress was seen wearing a fuchsia pink pleated blazer over a black leather corset, paired with a long skirt with blue, black, pink and green stripes, as well as a bustle at the back.

In what appears to be a full committal to the Gilded Age, the look was finished off with a black top hat, with a black net veil, along with black leather gloves, matching boots and a whip—yes, a whip. One look at her accessories and it’s looks like she’s making a second attempt at her ‘kinky’ costume in season two’s “La Douleur Exquise”.

Indeed, it may seem that And Just Like That will finally give us Carrie Bradshaw at the Met Gala. A moment we’ve been waiting 20 years for. 

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On November 2 we spotted SJP wearing a cosy, colourful ensemble, stepping out in a plaid Vivienne Westwood coat, a Marrakshi Life frock and blue Duchessa Gardini boots paired with a vintage Pierre Cardin bag.

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The next day, we saw Parker and Davis walking the street together, both in chic Autumnal attire. SJP donned a floor-length white gown and white platform heels with a wide brim hat, while Davis sported a knee-length green floral dress with sleeves. 

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No, your eyes are not deceiving you, this really is SJP in the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress that Carrie wore in the first Sex and the City movie, complete with the controversial blue feather in her hair. 

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November was a busy month for filming, with Parker later seen strolling the streets in a bright pink dress paired with Oxford flats.  The bowling shoes shouldn’t really work here but they actually do. 

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The eye-catching blue Duchessa Gardini boots make a return alongside this blue boilersuit for a one-tone look. 

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We love a Parker and Nixon sighting, and this might be our favourite yet from season two of, And Just Like That. It’s unclear if what they’re wearing is some kind of costume, given that they were surrounded by people wearing costumes in Central Park, but honestly knowing these two, it could just be a regular Monday. 

Parker was seen in a vibrant gold, spotted dress complete with a bow and hot pink blazer, while it was hard to see much else through Nixon’s enormous purple scarf and tan knee high boots. 

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The effortlessly stylish Seema (played by Sarita Choudhury) is the epitome of cool, but this scene clearly threw her for six. Still, she looks stunning even while she’s being robbed. 

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