Everything You Need To Know About ‘And Just Like That’ Season 2

Carrie is entering her 'reuniting with old flames' era.
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Our favourite fashion-forward Manhattanites are back on our screens, with And Just Like That… season two delivering more fashionable ensembles, chaotic Che Diaz moments, and a glamorous look at sex in New York City.

Fans will be delighted to have a new look at the season thanks to the drop of the final episode for And Just Like That… season two, giving us a better look at what’s to come in the recently confirmed season three.

From the return of the dreaded “I put a bird on my head” bridal headpiece from the first film, to Aidan Shaw returning to Carrie’s life, season two has certainly been an emotional rollercoaster.

Here’s everything you need to know about the series, from where and when to watch, to the controversial (and for some, highly-awaited) return of one of Carrie’s former paramours.

(Watch the second trailer for And Just Like That… season two. Article continues after video)

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What will happen in season two of And Just Like That…

Carrie spent most of the first season of And Just Like That… (AJLT) coming into her own again after the loss of her husband and long-term partner, Mr. Big.

It’s been an interesting arc to watch as the sex columnist returned to her roots—NYC studio apartment et al.—to tap back into some of her long-lost, yet familiar routines. 

From the first few episodes we see Carrie’s liaison with podcast producer Franklyn continue, yet, it remained very casual. Especially when you consider… the return of Aidan Shaw.

Aidan ‘the one that got away’ Shaw (John Corbett) is back! Not only that, but the pair are back on and it looks like things are getting quite serious.

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Of course, we can’t forget Miranda and Charlotte’s storylines—both have evolved significantly over the first season.

Miranda’s split with Steve and new relationship with Che proves to be quite tumultuous, the former both having to figure out their divorce and living situation, and the latter struggle to make it work.

Meanwhile, Charlotte helps her daughter lose her virginity (très cringe), and there was also the whole ‘MILF list’ that circulated at the school that may or may not have included Charlotte.

You can catch up on what happens each week in our episodic recaps:

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Who is in And Just Like That… season two (and will Kim Cattrall come back)?

When the second season got the green light, the official announcement confirmed that Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) and Kristen Davis (Charlotte) would each reprise their roles.

We also see the return of Sarita Choudhury (Seema), Sara Ramirez (Che), Nicole Ari Parker (LTW) and Karen Pittman (Dr. Nya), who each brought refreshing new storylines to And Just Like That...

(Credit: HBO)

However, in the most vital casting news, it was recently confirmed Kim Cattrall would make a cameo appearance in AJLT S2. 

Don’t get too excited, however, as Cattrall is only expected to appear in a single scene. Sources told Variety that Cattrall shot the scene back on March 22, in New York City. They added that she did not need to see or speak with the stars of the series, including SJP, or showrunner Michael Patrick King. (Read all the details here.)

So, while a cameo is something to be grateful for, there is clearly not going to be a full Samantha Jones reunion.


One of the most recent additions to the show, Tony Danza plays an actor who is playing Che’s onscreen father in the pilot episode of the comedian’s new sitcom show, a fact which was hinted at the first season’s final episodes.

“Tony Danza is coming in to read for my father. He’s not Mexican or Irish but he is Tony Danza,” Che said.

We also saw some other big-name cameos for the season, including Candice Bergen as Enid, Carrie’s caustic Vogue editor, and Gloria Steineim.

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When was And Just Like That… season two released?

And Just Like That returned on June 22, 2023. In Australia, it is available to watch now through Foxtel Now and Binge with the final episode to be released on Thursday, August 24.

Stream the first season of And Just Like That now on Binge, live and on demand, with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe here.


Will There Be More Seasons Of And Just Like That…

“We are thrilled to spend more time in the Sex and the City universe telling new stories about the lives of these relatable and aspirational characters played by these amazing actors,” said executive producer and showrunner Michael Patrick King in a statement. “And Just Like That… here comes season three.”

Yes, that’s right, season three has officially been confirmed – cue the excitement!

Following season one, HBO’s chief content officer Casey Bloys commented that the show’s ratings were above and beyond what they’d hoped. 

“In terms of viewership, it’s been phenomenal. I couldn’t be happier with how it’s doing in terms of reception,” he said. 

Meanwhile, King previously told Emmy Magazine of season one, “As we were working, it always felt like the beginning. It didn’t feel like a beginning, middle, and an end. So I think it’s possible to keep going—if we have enough good stories,” he explained. 

So, it looks like we’ll be in for more of And Just Like That….

When did season two of And Just Like That… begin filming?

Filming kicked off in September of 2022, with Sarah Jessica Parker and Sara Ramírez both teasing that the wheels were in motion and sharing teeny tiny snippets on what they have been up to.

On her Instagram, Parker shared a zoomed-in photo of the second season’s script, showing nothing but the title of the show and “episode 201” written on the front. And under the episode number, Parker drew over what is presumably the episode’s title.

“Just this much. For now,” the Hocus Pocus star wrote, before signing off “X, SJ”.

As for Ramírez, they also kept behind-the-scenes under lock and key, only sharing a photo of the scripts for episodes one and two.

The Grey’s Anatomy alum took a photo of a cast table read, showing that their name was written alongside their character’s name, Che.

Speaking to Variety, Ramírez opened up about the show’s second season and how it will differentiate from the first instalment of And Just Like That.

“The first season was judging a book by its cover,” they said, adding, “season 2 is about reading the book”.

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