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‘And Just Like That’ Episode 4 Recap: Dust Balls & Celebrity Guest Stars

Gloria, Victor, Candice: cameos galore!
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Episode four of the second series of And Just Like That is packed with celeb cameos. Candice Bergen, Victor Garber, Gloria Steinem, Billy Dee Williams, Miranda Priestly’s apartment from The Devil Wears Prada… it has it all. 

It also has d*ck pics, “dust balls”, almost-threesomes and Steve!

A lot happens in this ep, with an unprecedented amount of time dedicated to discussing jizz. As for the rest…

Enid Is Back: And She’s A Devil In Prada

This episode centres around Carrie’s run-in with her old Vogue editor, Enid — a straight-shooting, Anna Wintour knock-off. (She even shares an apartment with Meryl Streep’s Anna Wintour knock-off from The Devil Wears Prada.)

Enid has recently been laid off by Conde Nast — a tragedy on par with the death of a loved one, if you ask her — and now runs a popular newsletter. (“It’s rivalling Goop!”)   

Gloria, Carrie and Enid – oh my! (Credit: Warner Bros.)

She lumps Carrie into “women our age”, despite being roughly 20 years Carrie’s senior — and the relationship basically sours from there.

Fans of Sex And The City will remember Enid asked Carrie to set her up on a date once, before proceeding to flirt with Carrie’s sophisticated, mature beau (Aleksandr Petrovsky). In this ep, they wind-up tussling over men again, with Carrie accidentally being set-up with Enid’s partner. Only, she hasn’t been ‘set-up’ so much as she has been ‘sent an unsolicited photo of his penis’. And not from him, mind you, but by their mutual friend Bitsy Von Muffling

As uncool (or perhaps illegal) as it is to send photos of someone’s junk to someone else, I adore Bitsy’s chaotic, camp, pot-stirrer energy this ep. She’s basically the fairies from a Midsummer Night’s Dream. I would love a series in which Bitsy shows up every episode to meddle in the lives of our central characters.

Alas, the fun is over for Bitsy as Enid IDs her partner’s penis on Carrie’s phone, right in front of Gloria Steinem. Naturally.

Carrie subsequently pays off her apparent moral debt with $10k in start-up funds for Enid’s new online magazine. And that, my friends, is called socialite justice. 

Julie Halson makes another cameo as Bitsy Von Muffling, the chaotic fairy of the Manhattan elite. (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Lyle, No! 

We’re surprised to see Lyle again this ep. Apparently, he’s the type of ‘ex’-husband your girlfriend doesn’t know about, but will drive you from LA to New York to help you move. 

A couple of recaps ago, I wrote that I thought Lyle and Miranda had a little chemistry. In this ep, it seems things are going to kick-off between him and Ms Bradshaw.

And — again — I’m completely wrong. Is it that Hudson family charisma? (Lyle is, of course, played by Oliver Hudson — Kate Hudson’s brother and Goldie Hawn’s son. It’s the ultimate dynasty of charm.)

These two look like they have chemistry, no?! (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Anyway, they all have a drink together, a couch breaks… and the trouble starts.

Carrie leaves and Che and Miranda decide to share a bed with Lyle. This is the first problem.

Come on, Che. This guy drives you a billion miles, you’re the one with the swanky new apartment and the TV pilot. You can’t spring for a hotel? Anyway, let’s pretend that, in my 50s (Miranda), I’d be happy to share a bed with my partner and her ex-husband who I’ve met only once before.

Then, in the middle of the night, Che starts to feel a little frisky. She and Miranda decide to indulge in these urges like they’re teenagers again — a running theme in Miranda’s life right now — and go for it with Lyle ‘sleeping’ beside them.

At this point, we’re all thinking is he going to wake up and freak out? Is he going to wake up, attempt to join them, and they’ll freak out? Nope?

He wakes up, joins in… and they don’t freak out. Miranda freaks out a little then, in rapid judgement, deems it’s okay before freaking out some more and calling it off.

I defend Che a lot. Yes, they’re probably a narcissist. Yes, they’re an ego maniac. But let them live, I say. You don’t get a sit-com about your life by being humble, right? But this episode, we’re starting to see more of Che’s adult-child life and their blatant regard for Miranda’s actual adult life. 

And you can’t spring group sex on someone! Super weird, guys.

The actors in this episode! Billy Dee Williams and Victor Garber join the gang. (Credit: Warner Bros.)

I Heart Victor Garber

I LOVE Victor Garber. I love him. Did you know he was once in a hippie flower band called The Sugar Shoppe? Did you know he has a smokin’ hot husband? Did you know he was one of only two people present at Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner‘s wedding? I did. Because I love him.

Victor Garber is like Stanley Tucci or Judy Greer in that he’s been in absolutely everything… but always as a supporting character. He’s had guest spots on basically every sitcom of the past 20 years. He’s perhaps what you’d call an actor’s actor. (I don’t know, I’m not an actor, but he’s definitely very good.)

It’s Victor effing Garber! (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Now, he’s in And Just Like That as the White Knight of Charlotte’s career. ​

As it turns out, someone remembers Charlotte’s influence on the early-noughties New York art scene — and that person (Victor Garber) has his own gallery. The pair meet at LTW’s awkward anniversary dinner, where we also find out that LTW’s dad is played by Star Wars legend Billy Dee Williams. (Seriously, what is the extras budget for this series?!)

Anyway, Garber – whose character’s name I couldn’t tell you – sticks by Charlotte for the evening, and their conversation results in a job offer!

I’m very keen to see where this plot goes. I think it’s time for our Upper East Side princess to get back into the art world. 

We also got to see Steve shirtless and boxing. (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Steve Is Back!

Last but by no means least: Steve is back! And, damn, he is looking fine! 

We know who won the break-up in this scenario because Steve is looking fit and rocking an eight-pack, while Miranda is sleeping on the couch. 

The Hobbes-Brady family is in therapy (thank God! They need it) but we’re just so happy to see Steve is back, healthy and hot.

Where To Watch ‘And Just Like That…’

Season two of And Just Like That… is now streaming on BINGE. You can also catch up on every episode of season one. New episodes of season two arrive every Thursday at 5pm.


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