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Who Is Bitsy Von Muffling? The ‘Sex And The City’ Character Stirring Up Trouble In ‘And Just Like That’

Bitsy is more than a bit.
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Guess who’s back? Back again? Bitsy von Muffling has returned once more to the Sex And The City universe, bringing her brand of zany back to Carrie’s life in And Just Like That….

While the reboot has introduced a range of new characters to the mix, it continues to welcome back some familiar faces. On top of the highly anticipated returns of Samantha and Aidan, we can also expect the return of fellow Sex And The City alum Enid (Carrie’s editor at Vogue), and another appearance by Bitsy von Muffling.

So, let’s get down to brass tacks: Who on earth is Bitsy von Muffling, and why is she (still) here?

Who Is Bitsy Von Muffling?

Bitsy Von Muffling is a wealthy and flamboyant New York socialite — and one of the few characters from Sex And The City to cross over into And Just Like That.

We first met Bitsy back in Sex And The City season five, where her wedding to cabaret lounge singer and “original investor in A Chorus Line“, Bobby Fine (Nathan Lane), provides plenty of comedy fodder.

If you’re wondering how Bitsy fits into the SATC/AJLT friend circle, here’s a brief summary:

Carrie is an old friend of Bitsy’s husband, Bobby, while Samantha did PR for a benefit Bitsy hosted. Harry (Goldenblatt, yes, Charlotte’s husband) was Bitsy’s previous divorce lawyer, and also earned an invite to her wedding, taking Charlotte as his date. Miranda doesn’t really know Bitsy or Bobby (prior to that initial episode) but also attended their wedding as a plus-one.

Bitsy von Muffling’s big return in ‘And Just Like That’ season one (Credit: HBO Max)

Which Episodes Feature Bitsy Von Muffling?

Bitsy makes her first appearance in season five, episode eight of Sex And The City (titled: ‘I Love A Charade’) — the one in which the gang heads to the Hamptons to gawk at the mysterious wedding between a wealthy but ‘ageing’ socialite (Bitsy) and an assumed-to-be-but-actually-maybe-isn’t gay man, Bobby Fine. 

While the spectacle of their wedding is confined to one episode, Bitsy later returned in season six, episode 11, where her unlikely pregnancy rubs Charlotte the wrong way.

After making a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance in the first Sex And The City Movie, Bitsy returned with focal cameos in And Just Like That… season one. Her first appearance was in the first scene, when Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda bump into her at brunch, and then she appears again at Big’s funeral in episode two. 

Earning a reputation of popping up when you least expect her, Bitsy is set to come back in two further episodes of And Just Like That season two. 

Was Bobby Fine gay? Bitsy knows the truth… (Credit: HBO)

What happened to Bitsy’s husband, Bobby Fine?

In And Just Like That…, Bitsy reveals Bobby died during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Who Is The Actress Who Plays Bitsy Von Muffling?

The zany essence of Bitsy von Muffling is played to perfection by Julie Halston. 

If you’re wondering where you’ve seen her before, Halston appeared in popular nineties family flick Addams Family Values as Mrs Glicker. She also made guest appearances in seasons one and two of Gossip Girl (playing Sharon Kleinberg). 

Screen aside, Julie Halston is a respected stage actress, with a long history in the theatre.

Where to Watch And Just Like That

Seasons one and two of ‘And Just Like That…’ are available to stream on BINGE. New episodes from season two will continue to drop weekly. 


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