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‘And Just Like That’ Episode Six Recap: Lily Is Losing Her Virginity And Carrie Wears A Quilt

It's a sexy snow day on the island.
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Episode six, ‘Bomb Cyclone’, begins with Carrie doing a Zoom interview with the Gen Z influencer of our nightmares. Appropriately, Carrie’s MacBook leaps from her desk, unintentionally launching another Carrie Vs. Technology series of events that will no-doubt shape the rest of the series. (Oh, you’ll see…)

Before we get into episode 6, find out what happened in previous eps here:

And it goes without saying: SPOILERS AHEAD!

She is the moment. (Credit: Warner Bros)

What Would LTW Do?

Last week, I touched on Lisa Todd Wexley, AKA LTW, being an irreplaceable goddess (and the only fun person to have at a Halloween party). This week continues our LTW worship.

Early in the series, LTW’s miracle-workery felt a little shallow. Who was this enigma who delivered 110% in everything, all the time, and then had reserves to solve everyone else’s problems on a dime? 

This season, there’s still a bit of that. (Yeah, sure you’re going to walk to the Met Gala in your Valentino gown and 100-foot train.)

But we also get to see LTW behind the scenes, slowly learning how the sausage self-assurance is made.

The secret? LTW always backs herself. She is, above everything else, her own greatest advocate.

When hubby offers to financially back her business, or suggest that she would, by default, attend his career engagement over hers, she does not pause to even consider because she knows her own value. LTW is a woman who has it all — because she’s not afraid to ask. (Side note: Isn’t it amazing how phenomenal a woman can be when she has adequate domestic and emotional support? Shocking…)

(Credit: Warner Bros)

Lily Is Losing Her Virginity — And Charlotte Is Stepping Up

We all knew this plotline was coming. There were rumours about Lily and Brady, but apparently it’s some boy called Blake or Blade or Barnacle. 

But to the important point: Could Charlotte be the world’s best mum?

There have certainly been hints, but based on most of Sex And The City, and sparse moments throughout this series, I think we all assumed Charlotte would be the kind of WASP-y, conservative mother to whom sex would always be a conversational no-no. Despite being best friends with a sex columnist and Samantha, and despite navigating her way through several sticky bedroom scenarios (including the erectile dysfunction that nearly derailed her first marriage), and even though we know she can now talk about penis size and ejaculatory consistency with no shame — Charlotte has never quite been able to shuck the image of being a prude. 

But we may have finally done it.

(Credit: Warner Bros)

Charlotte may not have wanted to discuss funky spunk over brunch, but this former leading art curator is now a mother to two children of diverse identities — and she’s kicking ass.

More specifically, she’s braving history-making blizzards to deliver prophylactics to her teenage daughter so she can have a positive and safe first sexual experience.

(Credit: Warner Bros)

And Just Like That Is Creating The Adult Woman Compound Of My Dreams

Nya and Miranda shacking up in Brooklyn. Carrie and Seema doing a Hamptons summer share. Has And Just Like That tapped into our utopian future? One where housing crises don’t really exist, but we all live in compounds with our wealthy, sophisticated and intelligent female peers?

Seriously, it begs the question, why do people live with filthy, snore-y, domestically incompatible partners, when we can live with our super cool friends?

All this time, I kind of thought And Just Like That was way too occupied with poser politics, but this episode is proving that beneath the toxic overtures, runs a subtle stream of progressiveness that I am here for. 

2 Break-ups, 1 Day

Steve and Miranda finally have it out about their divorce and living situation. Then, along with Miranda, we find out he’s moved on sexually – which Miranda takes as due alleviation of her guilt.

This is all great, and fine, but there’s much more important news… Che and Miranda are dunzo.  

Yes. Finally. Thank you, Michael Patrick King. Thank you. May this couple never darken our small screens again. 

And, to hark back to an earlier scene, if you didn’t spit your food out when Che started recording her Cameos in bed, we can’t be friends. 

Carrie Slays A Snow Day

Yes, LTW and Charlotte also slay snow day. But, come on… 

(Credit: Warner Bros)

Oh, Ms Bradshaw, you have really taken an historic snow day to new sartorial heights with this iconic sleeping bag couture. It’s giving Haute Marshmallow?

We’d ask how she stores it in her tiny Manhattan closet but I think we can agree it’s not a regular wardrobe but probably an extra portal to Narnia.

Earlier this episode, we saw Carrie gearing up for winter in an eighties-style ski suit… and we know this woman has never been skiing. 

But, hey, strap yourself in for a cosy winter in the Bradshaw house because we might be inviting an old lover in next episode. 

Yep, she’s sent the email… and Aidan is set to make his grand return.

Where To Watch ‘And Just Like That…’

Season two of And Just Like That… is now streaming on BINGE. You can also catch up on every episode of season one. New episodes of season two arrive every Thursday at 5pm.


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