Every OG Accessory From ‘Sex & The City’ That’s Reappeared In Its Reboot, ‘And Just Like That’

Eagle-eyed fans are all over it.

And just like that… Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic outfits from Sex And The City got their second lives. 

While the OG series of the late nineties and early noughties was famous for the fact it never repeated a whole outfit twice (thanks to the endless creativity of costuming genius Patricia Field), there were some accessories that were just too good (and subtle enough) not to rewear.

It’s Carrie Bradshaw after all, why would she of all people deprive herself of a cute Gucci purse solely for the reason she’d already worn it once? 

Then came the 2021 reboot, And Just Like That. Interestingly, Field decided not to take part in the revived series due to the fact she was busy dressing her next muse, Emily In Paris.

Perhaps it was her absence then, that called for a sudden resurgence of Carrie’s old classics—or was it because now more than ever, recycled clothing has never been chicer?

Whatever it was, the first few episodes of the brand new season prove Carrie Bradshaw is fully embracing the humble re-wear—and we’re here for it. 

Here, we outline every time we (or the show’s dedicated eagle-eyed fans) have spotted And Just Like That‘s Carrie Bradshaw re-wearing an item she donned in Sex And The City. 

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The Parisian Petrovsky Dress

Who could forget the final episodes from Sex And The City‘s sixth (and final) season where Carrie and then-boyfriend Aleksandr Petrovsky move to Paris? For those who have the two French instalments seared into their memory, then it’s likely that you’ll also fondly daydream about the sea-green Versace gown that Carrie wore as she was stood up by Petrovsky.

Bringing it back for And Just Like That‘s eighth episode, costumer designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago decided to reunite die-hard fans with the spectacular ruffled number.

In the reboot, Carrie ends the episode by sitting in front of her iconic street-facing window, wearing the dress—her hair in a tight up-do like the original—while eating brownies and realising that “some things should never be put in to storage”. Of course, Carrie’s always been a fan of dual meanings, so in the case, she referred more literally to the dress—which she and Lily were archiving—but also to herself, as she’d felt like her age forced her to become a stereotype.

We found her! Sarah Jessica Parker said in an Instagram post. Brief and hard to say goodbye again.

Carrie Bradshaw

The Manolo Blahnik’s

We first copped a glimpse of Carrie’s royal blue Blahnik’s in the Sex and the City movie. After Carrie and Big decide to move in together, she places her shoes in their expansive walk in wardrobe. 

She then wears them later in the film when they eventually decide to get married in a low-key ceremony. 

Several years later, And Just Like That reintroduces us to the iconic cloppers—Carrie decides to wear them to a piano recital for Charlotte’s daughter. Little do we know the symbolism behind them at the time—as she returns home afterward, she finds Mr. Big suffering a heart attack in their bathroom. She throws them off as she rushes to help him—but it’s too late. 

(Credit: HBO)

The Gucci belt bag

We respected her the first time she wore it as her outfit’s centrepiece, and we damn well respected it the second time around too—Carrie’s iconic Gucci belt bag deserves a reboot series of its own after the fictional columnist was seen wearing it across her body in a brief scene at the beginning of And Just Like That… episode three. 

As pointed out by cult Sex and the City fanpage and podcast @everyoutfitononsatc, there is absolutely no wrong way to wear it. In the original series, she wore it across her waist with a low-rise skirt and ab-bearing crop top. 

(Credit: HBO)

The studded belt

Also worthy of its own revival series is Carrie’s unmatched studded belt, which she was seen wearing numerous times throughout the OG series. 

In And Just Like That… Carrie was spotted wearing it in episode three when she tried to ambush Natasha at her office. It’s truly a staple that’s been with her through the good times… and the not so good times. 

(Credit: Getty / HBO)

The blue flower brooch

While some might say Carrie Bradshaw is solely responsible for the comeback of brooches, there’s one in particular that’s iconic to the series—her blue flower pin which made its grand return in the premiere episode of And Just Like That…

Per @everyoutfitononsatc (AKA our favourite super sluethers), Carrie previously wore the brooch in season three during her Aidan era—the first stint with him, that is. 

(Credit: Getty / HBO)

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