Every Time Anne Hathaway Dressed Like Her ‘Devil Wears Prada’ Counterpart, Andy Sachs

Miranda Priestly approved.
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Once upon a time in 2006, a not-so-little fashion film made it’s way into the zeitgeist and we were never, ever the same. The Devil Wears Prada was, and still remains a cornerstone to 2000s culture, and Anne Hathaway’s contribution to it as the smart, cerulean blue jumper-wearing Andy Sachs has left a legacy no Hollywood veteran could ever hold a torch to.

While the film has sparked its fair share of controversy (let’s unpack Nate’s glossed over gaslighting and one particular problematic Paris kissing scene, shall we?), its undoubtedly to thank for kick starting a new age of office dressing (and eyebrow-grazing bangs).

You see, Andy Sachs had the job that, as Nigel put it, many would “die” for—at a fashion magazine with a glamorous office, a giant wardrobe of designer clothes at her disposal and invites to the most elite parties in New York City. As many of us know, that’s not a *completely* accurate interpretation of a job in fashion, but still, when she transformed from ‘budding writer who doesn’t give a rats about what she looks like’ to a stylish, bangs-wearing, Chanel boot connoisseur, it was like the first domino fell.

Since then, Anne Hathaway has continued to serve us numerous looks that could even make Miranda Priestly glance up from The Book and give a curt nod.

Hathaway as Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada. (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Of course, some of the credit must go to Hathaway’s stylist, Erin Walsh, who has worked with the actor since 2019. It was a blessed moment when they got together, because the combination of the two masterminds has resulted in Hathaway becoming one of the most revered (and always highly anticipated) red carpet icons today.

“With fashion, I think she just gets it. She has this kind of encyclopedic brain that knows what might resonate for a particular occasion,” Walsh previously told WWD of the Oscar winner.

“She’s already a fashion icon from The Devil Wears Prada. People want to see that side. They want to see it going there, and we’re going there,” she added during an interview with Today.

And go there, they have. In September 2022, Hathaway stepped out in an outfit almost identical to that of Andy Sachs’ style transformation. But that wasn’t the end of it—sending the internet into a full-blown tailspin was the fact that Hathaway had also cut herself the exacbangs belonging to her iconic 2006 character.  

Speaking about the double up moment in October 2022, Hathaway said it was “kind of nuts”, and completely by accident.

“I was supposed to wear something else. The shoes didn’t fit, this was the other outfit that came.”

Most recently, Hathaway was spotted in Paris for Haute Couture Week sporting another suspiciously similar look to her Devil Wears Prada character. This time, Hathaway styled a baker boy hat with a navy double breasted coat—a look with definite echoes of her character’s own baker boy hat and coat combination. 

And going by Walsh’s previous comments we’re willing to guess there was a least some deliberate element at play here. For that comparison (and all the others) keep scrolling we round up every time Anne Hathaway channelled her Devil Wears Prada counterpart, Andy Sachs.

Ann Hathaway
Hathaway modelling the baker boy and coat combo in 2023. (Credit: Getty / 20th Century Fox)

Stepping out in Paris for Haute Couture Week with husband Adam Shulman, Hathaway modelled a very familiar look. Hathaway chose to match a navy blue baker boy hat with a navy double breasted coat. The only thing distinguishing this look from that of her Devil Wears Prada counterpart is the colour! 

Hathaway’s bangs are eerily familiar. (Credit: Instagram / 20th Century Fox)

In February 2022, Hathaway shared several images to her Instagram account featuring her newly cut bangs. Did we feel like the last 16 years had never happened? Absolutely. Did we all enjoy the reminder that Andy Sachs bangs are the it girl haircut? Definitely. Did we all run for the bathroom with kitchen scissors to cut our own? Maybe…

Hathaway’s overcoat is even the same colour as Andy Sachs. (Credit: Instagram / 20th Century Fox)

Her 2022 ensemble was designed by Valentino, which she paired with a large collared overcoat reminiscent of the full Chanel jacket and boot combo, seen on the right above. 

The little black dress returns. (Credit: Getty / 20th Century Fox)

In February 2022, Hathaway attended the opening night of The Music Man in New York City wearing a chic black sleeveless jumpsuit, with her hair in a half-up half-down style.

Well, the comparison speaks for itself—the outfit exuded the exact energy of her Parisian liberation dress (named aptly because it’s worn during the scene where she biffs her cell phone in the water fountain) and her half-up ‘do was a whole Andy Sachs mood. 

Hathaway at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival/Devil Wears Prada character in the film. (Credit: Getty / 20th Century Fox)

At the 2022 Cannes Film Festival in May, Hathaway wore her hair loose—a style not lost on any millennial familiar with The Devil Wears Prada. Indeed, it appeared Hathaway had allowed her curtain bangs to grow out enough to give the same vibe as Andy’s look for the James Hoult party scene. 

Hathaway at New York Fashion Week/Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada (Credit: Getty / 20th Century Fox)

In September 2022, Hathaway stepped out for New York Fashion Week in a head to toe Michael Kors ensemble featuring a brown leather coat, a turtleneck jumper and boots. Oh, and she’d recut her eyebrow grazing bangs. 

Sorry, but if this look wasn’t a deliberate recreation of Andy’s iconic brown leather jacket look from the final scene of The Devil Wears Prada… we don’t know what is. Of course, Hathaway has since revealed the outfit came together accidently because her original outfit didn’t work out, but some kind of genius (whether it’s a person or the powers that be) surely played a part in making this happen. 

Hathaway at 2022 Cannes Film Festival (Credit: Getty)

Okay so we don’t have a direct Andy Sachs comparison for this look at Cannes in 2022, but the whole thing is oozing Andy Sachs energy and we’re here for it. No notes, just pure inspiration—Miranda is shaking. 

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