Anne Hathaway’s Stylist On Her “Encyclopedic Brain” For Fashion

"One of the reasons Annie’s a brilliant actress is the same."

For the majority of this year, Anne Hathaway has had the ultimate rebirth. After years of internet-fulled, completely unwarranted dislike for the Princess Diaries star, she’s resurrected back into society, in the chicest way possible.

From her Andy Sachs-era looks during the WeCrashed media circuit to her myriad of show-stopping ensembles at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, there’s no doubt that Hathaway has won us over yet again.

Now, her stylist, Erin Walsh, is opening up about how she and Hathaway worked together to blow the world away. In an interview with WWD, Walsh explained that she wanted to “really honour that moment”, referring to the Bulgari ambassador‘s first experience at the event.

“You always want to create a statement that’s both of the moment and timeless,” she told the publication.

“You always want to do something that feels innovative, fresh and fun,” Walsh said, adding, “I feel like you look at her on that carpet and she’s so meant to be there. So the clothes are the icing around that fact”.

As for which of Hathaway’s looks that Walsh loved the most, well, she has an appreciation and adoration for each of her ensembles.

“What was so fun about all of them is that they were all so different,” she explained. “So, I can’t say which one. It’s like your kids, you love them for different reasons.”

Anne Hathaway
(Credit: Getty Images)

At the premiere for her film, Armageddon Time, the 39-year-old Academy Award winner stunned in a pink Armani Privé dress, a Bulgari diamond and sapphire necklace and Santoni heels. And the following day, she donned a royal blue Gucci mini dress with cat-eye sunglasses for the film’s photo call. Then, for the remainder of her trip, she wore a bevy of chic, casual looks.

As a result, social media went wild. Her outfits were not only chic, but saw some look at Hathaway in a new light and left many feeling guilty about the unnecessary dislike they had for her prior. For Walsh, she found the worldwide reaction to the actress’ looks “wild”.

“It’s fun to see this wild reaction, but I’m not doing it for that, you know?,” she admitted. “To do it for the response isn’t necessarily the point.”

“It’s just part of it. Of course, you want things to be well-received, but it’s also not only about that.”

She continued, “With fashion, I think she just gets it. She has this kind of encyclopedic brain that knows what might resonate for a particular occasion. So, if we’re talking about Cannes specifically, it’s not like we created these looks in a vacuum.”

“We definitely had in mind the whole lexicon of its historical context and different silhouettes and references, and it informed what we ended up doing. But that said, one of the reasons Annie’s a brilliant actress is the same.”

Whether it was her intention or not, we couldn’t be happier to witness the rebirth of Anne Hathaway. Safe to say, she’s almost everyone’s style icon at this point.

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