Live Life In Colour With Anton Jewellery’s R.08 Rainbow Collection

Quiet luxury? Don't know her.

There’s nothing ‘quiet’ about luxury Australian jeweller Anton’s latest collection. 

Aptly titled the R.08 Rainbow Capsule, the Melbourne brand’s new offering hinges on an array of vibrantly coloured hues. Featuring a kaleidoscopic combination of coloured gemstones, from ruby red to vivid green, each set against precious metals, the R.08 Rainbow Capsule brings an edgy spirit to classic luxury

Gone are the days of sticking strictly to delicate pieces in either yellow or white gold: a fact that Anton knows well. More and more, jewellery connoisseurs are rebelling against the rules with colourful styles that speak to their personality. 


It’s exactly this shift that inspired Anton’s latest foray into the world of colour. Designed with the individual wearer in mind, Anton’s Rainbow Capsule is a luxury jewellery lover’s answer to self-expression. In testament to this aim, every Anton creation is designed in-house, by the brand’s Creative Director Sesil Arzadian, using hand-selected materials. 

So while, aesthetically, this shift might feel miles away from the ‘quiet luxury’ trend of recent months, at the core, a commitment to exceptional quality remains the same. 

In fact, this promise is written into the brand’s DNA. Dubbed their ‘Purple Promise’, Anton pledges care, consideration, and precision in each of their meticulously made pieces.


Feeling inspired? Summer is the perfect season to dip your toes into the colourful trend. 

Nothing pairs better with a summer dress than bold, bright colour, whether that’s dangling from your wrist or delicately adorning your neck. 

If you’re interested in injecting some cheer into your jewellery collection, you can discover Anton’s R.08 Rainbow Capsule online and in boutiques now.

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