This New Designer Re-Sale Site Is A Must-Know For Vintage Shoppers

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Between calls for circular fashion and Y2K styles dominating the sartorial sphere, re-sale and vintage shopping is more popular than ever.

In fact, the re-sale sector is predicted to grow 11 times faster than retail in the next five years.

Hunting down that dress you missed out on or investing in statement pieces of a bygone era is one thing, but when it comes to purchasing a secondhand designer piece, the stakes can feel tenfold.

Fakes and scams are harder to spot than ever, so buying from authenticated luxury re-sellers is undoubtedly the safest alternative—particularly when you’re looking to spend upward of a few thousand dollars.

That’s why you’re going to want to familiarise yourself with the newest re-sale site on the vintage market block: Azura Reborn.


The Australian-based luxury fashion company has partnered with re-sale experts, Luxclusif, who are owned by well-know luxury fashion site, FARFETCH.

The platform is offering one of the easiest end-to-end processes for selling your items.

“Once a customer logs in to the resale platform and submits their item for resale, a paid DHL Express label is automatically generated and sent to their email address so they can send the bag in for free,” Bonnie Wood, Azura Fashion Group’s Marketing Manager tells marie claire Australia.

“Once it arrives with Azura, our in-house authentication experts that have over 7 years in the resale industry, authenticate the item and grade it on resale value within 48 hours. After this an acceptance or a deny email is sent to the customer, where they will then accept or deny the offer.

“If they accept, the funds will be in their account within 24 hours of accepting. Meaning a customer can liquidate their entire wardrobe within a week, and not have to worry about having to resell it on a marketplace or other retail site.”

Once the process is complete you can use the funds to shop from Azura Reborn and Azura Runway.

For those looking to buy, as Wood mentioned, you can expect expertly authenticated bags of great quality, which is that little boost of confidence we always need when shopping second-hand. Check out the site here and happy shopping!

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