Where To Buy All The Cocktail Dresses From Episode 14 Of ‘The Bachelor’

The final four certainly dressed the part.

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor stirred up all the feeings as we said an emotional goodbye to sweet angel Cass. 

Although it was a sad ending to last night’s rose ceremony, the cocktail party certainly wasn’t short on the drama as Cass’s prior relationship with Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins was finally revealed. 

While the Brittany vs Cass encounter certainly held our attention, we also couldn’t help but admire the fabulous dresses the girls donned at last night’s cocktail party. 

Here are all the dresses from last night’s Bachie and where to find them.

Sophie wore the ‘Bejool’ gown by Sherri Hill via After Dark Boutique.

Cass wore the ‘Helen’ gown by Elle Zeitoune.

Brittany wore the ‘Motel Jay’ gown by Gemeli Power.

Brooke wore the ‘Monaco’ dress by Sheike.

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