The Diamond Cut That Will Make Your Rock Look The Biggest

You’ll be spotted from the moon with this on your left hand.
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When it comes to engagement rings, we all want different things. Some may be looking for a sentimental ring handed down throughout the family, others a vintage one-of-a-kind find, or even an ethical stone such as a lab diamond or moissanite.

However, some women simply want a big rock that is going to draw the eye, and more power to them.

The only issue with big rocks is the big price tag that goes with them. If you’re keen to keep the budget lower on your ring, there are some tips to make a smaller carat size look bigger on the hand.

It turns out it’s all about the cut.

How To Make Your Diamond Ring Look Bigger

Making a diamond ring look bigger is all about the surface area on the face of the diamond.

Some cuts are deep cuts that have a lot of diamond mass under the face, while other, more shallow cuts, offer a wider surface area, and thus the look of being bigger.

The number one tip in this instance is to choose an elongated cut. The best choices for this are marquise, pear and oval cut diamonds, offering an illusion of size.

It’s important to note that this all comes down to preference. Choose the ring style that suits you the best, not just the one that looks biggest to the naked eye.

Cuts In Order Of Apparent Largeness

Image: Cullen Jewellery

If you’re wondering which cuts on average have the biggest faces, we have listed them from biggest to smallest below:

  • Marquise
  • Pear
  • Oval
  • Emerald
  • Asscher
  • Round
  • Princess

Consider Your Materials

If you’re looking for a big rock without a big price tag, you may want to consider lab-grown diamonds or even a moissanite stone instead.

Lab grown diamonds offer the exact same chemical makeup as a mined diamond, and are often preferred because there is no question of the ethics of its creation.

Moissanite on the other hand is a very strong material that looks very similar to a diamond, and is much more affordable (thus allowing you to up the carat size).

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