The Best Fashion And Beauty Substacks We’re Hitting Subscribe On

Newsletter platform Substack has become on of the most popular places to catch up on fashion and beauty news—here's who we're following.
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Thanks to Substack, the newsletter is officially cool again.

The US newsletter platform, which allows readers to subscribe to their favourite writers, thinkers and cultural critics’ newsletters for free (or sometimes a small fee), has seen an unexpected rise in popularity over the last few years.

 With such an overwhelming abundance of content available on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and even Facebook, the shift to such a quiet and perhaps even old-fashioned form may come as a surprise. However, it’s Substack’s very lack of content, advertisements and stimuli that’s drawing people to the platform. 

Like a magazine would be, Substack offers a more curated and thoughtful selection of content. So, instead of scrolling past hundreds of Instagram influencers posting their multiple different takes on an outfit haul, you might receive one carefully curated selection of outfits from a fashion writer who’s opinion you trust. 

But how do you find the right Substack to subscribe to? For those interested in the fashion and beauty Substack world, we’ve done the hard work for you. 

Below, all of the Substacks we’re following for the latest fashion and beauty news. 

Click subscribe on these Substacks. (Credit: Getty)

The 7 Best Fashion And Beauty Substacks To Subscribe To In 2023

Laura Reilly’s Magasin 

Former InStyle writer Laura Reilly keeps fashion enthusiasts up to date with her bi-weekly fashion newsletter Magasin. The first newsletter send is all about new launches and sales, while the second one asks well-dressed people what they’re buying. The newsletter also offers fashion week recaps, scene reports and a huge abundance of shoppable content. 

Jessica DeFino’s The Unpublishable 

Beauty journalist Jessica DeFino uncovers the good, bad and everything in between of the beauty industry through her Substack, The Unpublishable or the “beauty industry’s least favourite newsletter”. The newsletter doesn’t only offer insights on the latest beauty, makeup and skin care trends but also looks critically at the beauty industry as a whole. 

Amy O’Dell’s Back Row 

Fashion writer, culture journalist and author of the book ANNA: The Biography, Amy Odell is also the writer of Back Row. The fashion newsletter, which describes itself as the “the ad-free fashion and culture newsletter that publishes what legacy media can’t” provides insightful trend commentary while taking you behind the scenes of the industry itself. 

Harling Ross Anton’s Gumshoe 

Fashion writer Harling Ross Anton shares her favourite style advice, shopping recommendations and décor tips through her newsletter Gumshoe. The fashion newsletter places a particular emphasis on second-hand and one-of-a-kind pieces that are either made slowly or by smaller brands. 

Farah Storr’s Things Worth Knowing 

Former ELLE UK and Cosmopolitan editor Farah Storr covers fashion, feminism and pop culture on her Substack Things Worth Knowing. The newsletter offers a curated selection of cultural criticism, interviews with interesting people, style advice and first person pieces from Farah herself. 

Becky Malinsky’s 5 Things You Should Buy 

Veteran fashion editor, Becky Malinsky breaks down the biggest style trends and shopping recommendations on 5 Things You Should Buy. With the tagline ‘I scroll so you don’t have to’, this fashion newsletter speaks for itself—say goodbye to your Instagram feed. 

Leandra Medine Cohen’s The Cereal Aisle 

Leandra Medine Cohen’s The Cereal Aisle is a fashion newsletter about ‘how to get dressed’. As Leandra describes it, she teaches her readers about ‘how to wear the clothes you have to accommodate the style you like.’ Along with tips on styling the clothes you already own, Leandra shares a great selection of shopping recommendations and commentary on fashion culture. 

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