These Chic Wallet Styles Will Inspire You To Leave The Clutch At Home

Practical and stylish.

When it comes to major style decisions, a wallet is definitely not at the top of the list. It’s tucked away in your handbag for few to see, right? However, a chic yet functional wallet is one of our most overlooked accessories. Regardless of the fact that it gets used numerous times a day – when pulling out your transport tap-and-go card, when buying your morning coffee, during a lunchtime shopping spree – any chance to ditch an overflowing handbag is a bonus. Plus, your wallet has the all-important job of keeping your cash, cards and receipts in order. So really, it’s one purchase you need to get right and not feel guilty about!

More than ever before, wallets are blurring the line between purse and handbag. Major international shows revealed micro-bags and hands-free wallets are still in style, while off the runway, a quick shop online will have you longing for the minimalist life with fuss-free cardholders and lanyard purses that are begging you to downsize.

Below, our round-up of seven key wallet styles to inspire your next purchase. 

1. The coin purse

1. The coin purse

Marc Jacobs The Sweet Spot, $195 from THE ICONIC

Being small has its advantages; wrap this coin purse around your neck for chic convenience.

2. The micro cross body

The micro crossbody

Jacquemus Mini Le Chiquito Leather Bag, $725 from Farfetch

Take only what you absolutely need with this micro envelope pouch, worn close to your body for safe keeping. 

3. The card holder 


Viva Bow Credit Card Holder, $675 from Ferragamo 

Sleek in size but not shy on personality, if you only pay by plastic, this is all you need.

4. The lanyard 


Balenciaga Cash Pouch Lanyard Cardholder, $448.43 from Cettire

Phone or finances, the lanyard necktie is smart, stylish and deceptively spacious. 

5. The belt bag 


Simpatico Belt Bag, $399 from Ginger & Smart

The cool-girl version of the bum bag, this hands-free belted wallet is the perfect travel companion.

5. Envelope wallet


Coach Crossgrain Leather Wyn Soft Wallet, $275 from THE ICONIC

Exactly what you’d imagine given the name, an envelope wallet has a triangular flap and is suited to carrying cards and notes. Some designs may include a zippered compartment for coins, too. You’ll find a decent amount of card slots (around six to eight). Envelope wallets may also come with a rectangular flap.

6. Clutch wallet


Fixation Clutch, $79.95 from Status Anxiety 

The largest wallet style (although they come in smaller sizes, too), a clutch wallet is strapless and has limited organisation slots built in, however, it is roomy enough to fit your phone and keys in addition to all your cash, cards and coins. It is perfect for those who treat their wallet as a mini handbag. This style of wallet is also known as a pouch.

7. Wristlet


Holly Chain-Strap Wristlet Purse, $36 from Charles & Keith

Hands-free with a looped strap to go around your wrist, a wristlet is often in the shape of a continental wallet or clutch. This is a convenient option for those who are always on-the-go but don’t like to carry a bulky bag with them.

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