The Best Workout Shoes For Your Next Gym Session (Or Hot Girl Walk)

These shoes were made for moving.
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No matter what category of exercise persona you fall into—the gym junkee, the pilates princess or the hot girl walker—there’s nothing more important to your fitness regime than finding the right workout shoes.

It’s far more than a matter of adding to your overall aesthetic or matching your workout shoes to your new activewear set, the right pair can set you up for success (or failure).

Not all workout shoes are created equal, in that some are designed for certain styles of exercise. So, what should you be looking for in a workout shoe, and can you settle for an all-rounder?

“For a novice athlete, the safest and best option would be to begin with a running shoe which can initially be used for all activities including boot camp, walking, cardio, spin, running, HIIT and weights,” Emily Smith, Sports Podiatrist and Emily Braidwood Founder, tells marie claire Australia.

“As you progress your exercise and wish to specialise and/or compete in a specific type of exercise, buying sport-specific footwear, i.e lifting shoes, cleats, crossfit trainers, trail running shoes etc, becomes more important.”

Once you’ve found your right shoe, proper fit is equally important and Emily says, when in doubt, you can follow one simple rule.

“The rule of ‘thumb’ is to have a half-a-thumb width of gap between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. If you are running on trails or your feet swell significantly, a full thumbs width may be better to prevent toe trauma.”

“Because shoe sizes can significantly vary and change between seasons, it is best to visit a specialist shoe store to try the shoes on with your socks, ideally after a run or workout.”

If you’re looking for suggestions for a great pair of workout shoes, scroll on for our picks…


For All Round, Mixed Training and Cardio

Free Metcon 4, $120 at JD Sports


Nano X3, $200 at Reebok


Nike Air Zoom Bella 6, $129.99 at The Iconic


UA Charged Breathe Lace TR, $90 at Under Armour

For Running


FuelCell Propel v4, $180 at New Balance


Galaxy 6, $100 at Adidas

For Weightlifting 


Adipower Weightlifting 3, $330 at Adidas


Romaleos 4 SE, $270 at Nike

For Walking

Ecco Women’s Low Multi-vent Low GTX Sneakers, $399.95 at ECCO

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