Which ‘Big Little Lies’ Character Are You?

Based on your favourite fashion trend

It’s one of our favourite shows, complete with drama, top notch acting and a killer cast. But amongst the ever-twisting plot line and incredible scenery, Big Little Lies knows how to dress their characters. Each of the five main characters, Madeline, Celeste, Jane, Bonnie and Renata, have been tasked with their own distinct sense of style. So, which one are you? We’ve matched each of the main characters with a new-season winter trend, so you can pick the character which best matches your own wardrobe — because why not?


The Trend: The Trench Coat

The Character: Madeline Martha MacKenzie

Never one to shy away from a great trench, Madeline Martha MacKenzie is a lover of classic staples. While you might not love yours paired with a floral dress, you can see the value of good old fashioned staples. Lucky for you, this time the staple is well back in the fashion zeitgeist — and it’s the perfect time to invest in another.


The Trend: An Elongated Pant

The Character: Renata Klein

You never shy away from a power suit, so autumn/winter’s love of the ultra long pant has you all fired up. Like Renata, you go all out with your outfit choices, with no shoulder pad too wide or no bag too expensive — and, like Renata, you’re taken seriously for it.


The Trend: A Neutral Knit

The Character: Celeste Wright

Never one to fuss much over trends, you’re loving the neutrals wave taking over of late. Simple and understated is your style, so it only makes sense your winter wardrobe is packed with supple cashmeres and thick wools. Paired with jeans and a T-shirt, you really don’t need anything else, right?


The Trend: An Oversized Puffer

The Character: Jane Chapman

You’re not one to fuss too much over fashion and value comfort over anything else, so are investing heavily in good quality puffers and hoodies, both of which are having a moment. Take it up a notch by trying your hand at a slightly deviated version — why not go for a velvet puffer?


The Trend: Snakeskin

The Character: Bonnie Carlson

Bonnie’s boheme style might not rub the right way with the other characters, but you can’t deny she walks to her own beat, just like you. You don’t mind trying out a new trend and a touch of snakeskin is the perfect way to add a little bohemian flair to your everyday wardrobe.

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