Blake Lively Just Trolled Gigi Hadid For Her Latest Outfit

Celebs, they're just like us

Blake Lively is giving her hilarious husband a run for his money lately, using Instagram to make jokes (like the one about firing her stylist) and troll her friends. The latest victim? None other than Gigi Hadid.

Last week, Hadid took to her Instagram to share an image from a recent photo shoot. In the shot, the 23-year-old model wears a baggy sweater, short shorts and heels with socks, showing off her incredibly toned legs. 

Hadid’s Instagram was quickly filled with fans praising her physique, but no comment got more likes than Blake Lively’s.

“Freaky. This is EXACTLY what I look like in shorts after two kids,” Lively joked. 

The Instagram account @commentsbycelebs reposted the famous friend’s interaction, pointing out, “This was meant to be sarcastic, @blakelively, but you honestly probably do.”

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