Kendall Jenner watch out! There’s a new campaign star in the family

Caitlyn Jenner fronts new H&M collection

Today the Swedish fast fashion giant H&M releases a new activewear collection timed perfectly to make the most of Olympics fever – and with a gorgeous Jenner as its face.

For once, it’s not Kendall.

The For Every Victory campaign, which according to the retailer “celebrates the power of sport and self-belief to transform people’s lives” is fronted by Caitlyn Jenner.

“In 5th grade I suffered from terrible self esteem, thought everybody else was smarter than me, better students than me,” Jenner says, in the campaign film, which sees her talking frankly and powerfully about her struggles and triumphs, while dressed down in an H&M hoodie and exercise tights.

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“I had gender issues….all these things I was trying to overcome and that I never could talk to anybody about,” she says. Gym class, and a humble school track race, was her salvation. “I had the fastest time in the whole school. I went wow, what is this thing called sports. That was really a turning point in my life.”

The campaign film features Jenner “with her Olympic gold medal in the decathlon, who dared to stand up for her true identity; Chelsea Werner, a gymnast who has never let Down Syndrome halt her progress; surfer Mike Coots who still takes to his board even though he lost his leg in a shark attack and boxer Namibia Flores who has fought against prejudice to pursue her dreams.”

The For Every Victory sports collection will be in stores and online from July 21.

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