London Debutante To Queen Consort: Camilla Parker Bowles’ Fashion History

She's committed to the royal dress code.
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When it comes to fashion, the royals tend to lean away from dramatic sartorial statements and into more traditional styles defined by luxury materials and modest cuts. 

From her neutral toned suits to her countryside riding attire, Queen Camilla is one royal who has always embodied this traditionally upper class mode of dressing.

However, Camilla’s defiantly traditional style was not born out of her relationship with the King. Born into the prominent Shand family, growning up in an 18th century country house and experiencing the London season as a debutante, Camilla’s style choices are, unquestionably, a direct reflection of her own upper class background and identity.

Despite demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the defining elements of royal fashion (rarely seen without her hats, pearls and low-heeled shoes), Camilla’s style has evolved over the years. 

Below, we take a look back at almost 50 years of Camilla’s outfits, and her ever so subtle style evolution. 

Queen Camilla’s Style Evolution: 1972 To Now 

Camilla 1972
Camilla speaks to Charles in a colourful dress and long cardigan in 1972. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla And Diana
Camilla dons a sporty ensemble as she walks alongside Diana in 1980. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla in 1992
Camilla wears a matching grey suit jacket and skirt in 1992. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla is captured in a navy blue military style blazer and hat in the early 1990s. (Credit: Getty)
A very casual Camilla strolls through her garden in an oversized jumper and green wellington boots in 1995. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla drapes a red coat over her dress to attend a party at the Ritz. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla dons a traditional riding ensemble in 1995.
Camilla wears an oversized pale blue hat to a friend’s wedding in 1998. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla Parker bowles
Camilla’s take on the little black dress to an event in 1996.
Camilla wears a soft pink gown to a gala dinner in London in 2000. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2001
Camilla wears a black dress, long grey scarf and pearls to take a walk with Charles in 2001. (Credit: Getty)
Queen camilla
Camilla opts for a white dress and turquoise accessories for an event in 2001. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla-Parker-Bowles winter style
Camilla wears a long coat, hat and boots for a walk in the park in 2002. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla dresses in neutral tones to mark the 50th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation in 2003. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla at the opera in 2004
Camilla styles a deep purple velvet gown for a night at the opera in London in 2004. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla exudes glamour in a long black coat a ‘The Merchant Of Venice’ production in 2004. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2006
Camilla opts for a traditional plaid print in Bath in 2006. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2009
Camilla was ready for summer in a light brown shirt and white skirt in 2006. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2009
Camilla looks the part in a matching blue coat and hat for a military presentation in 2009. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla and the Queen look equally elegant at the Royal Ascot 2012. (Credit: Getty)
diamond jubilee 2012
Camilla wears shines in a gold coat at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2013
Camilla wears a dark green jacket, black hat and gloves to a military parade in 2013. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2013
Camilla wears an aqua blue dress and tiara to a royal event in 2013. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla styles warm light brown tones at an event in 2014. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla pairs a light blue hat in 2015. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2016
Camilla wears a deep red gown with floral embroidery to the Royal Variety Performance in 2016. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2016
Camilla once again opts for a traditional plaid print—this time on a coat in 2016. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2017
Camilla wears a dark blue dress with a polka dot print in 2017. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla in Florence
Camilla wears a white tennis dress in 2017. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2018
Camilla arrives at a 2018 event in navy blue. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2018
Camilla wears a light blue suit for a walk in the English countryside in 2018. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2019
Camilla dons a pale blue coat and hat for the Commissioning Ceremony of the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales in 2019. (Credit: Getty)
July 2020 Camilla
Camilla pairs matches her sea green dress to her mask during the Covid-19 outbreak in July 2020. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla opts for a light blue gown for the ‘No Time To Die’ premiere in 2021. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2021
Camilla attends a Christmas Day church service in a two-tone checkered dress in 2021. (Credit: Getty)
camilla 2007
Camilla opts for a light printed dress and colourful bag in 2022.
2010 camilla
Camilla models a dark green dressing and matching handbag in 2022. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2020
Camilla visits Wream Association Football Club in a camel coat and matching hat in 2022. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla’s take on business attire features a navy hat, coat and handbag. (Credit: Getty)
Queen consort 2023
Camilla opts for navy again, this time with a fur hat and black boots in 2023 (Credit: Getty)
queen consort 2023
The Queen consort heads out in a dark brown coat in early 2023. (Credit: Getty)
Camilla 2023
Camilla pairs a long white coat with black gloves and boots in March, 2023. (Credit: Getty)

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