Crushing On Qualley: See Margaret Qualley Star In Chanel’s Coco Crush Campaign

Stars at noon? More like stars in Chanel.

What’s in a crush? Is it carving both your names into a tree for all eternity? Or leaving love letters for your significant other to find?

For luxury French maison Chanel, their ideal crush is of the quilted variety. 

A texture synonymous with the brand since Coco Chanel reclaimed the motif in 1955, the heritage maison have revived the design for their recent 2023 Coco Crush high jewellery collection. 

And what better way to tell a story of the Coco Crush than by tapping an illustrious line-up of our ultimate girl crushes.

Alexa, play Harry Styles’ cover of ‘Girl Crush’ because our hearts are certainly rushing after seeing this star-studded campaign. 

Leading the charge is actress and house ambassador, Margaret Qualley. This isn’t the first time the Stars At Noon alumni has lent her talents to the maison, but this campaign is certainly the most refined and surreptitious we’ve seen her.

Margaret Qualley stars in Chanel’s Coco Crush campaign. (Credit: Courtesy of Chanel)

Unlike Qualley’s previous wanderlust-inducing campaigns for the Chanel 22 bag and the 2022 Coco Beach collection, the Coco Crush campaign sees the star stripped of all distractions, appearing poised and determined in front of a plain white backdrop and styled in a black coat. 

Qualley is a physical embodiment of what makes the Coco Crush so timeless—she is both fierce and fearless, strong in her resolve but soft and approachable, effortlessly elegant but oh-so-enviable. Covetable, yet comfortable. A treasure that transcends the bounds of high jewellery. 

In an accompanying video, Qualley describes her definition of eudaimonic well-being, which is “finding happiness by finding meaning in your life”. For us, happiness can be found unwrapping a crisp white Chanel box containing none other than the Coco Crush. 

Joining Qualley is Blackpink’s Jennie and Bodies Bodies Bodies star Amandla Stenberg, an assembly that stays true to Chanel’s ethos of joie de vivre.

With the Coco Crush creations coming in shades of gold, with (or without) diamonds and available in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earings it’s time to fall in love all over again.

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