The Coach Shape Bags Are A Fun Departure From ‘Quiet’ Luxury

Designers are ditching 'quiet luxury' in favour of camp, personality-driven styles.

From busy prints to quirky shapes, several designers are slowly turning their backs on the idea of ‘quiet luxury’ and heading back towards ‘loud camp’. 

After the viral success of its Tabby bag, Coach is just one designer label championing a shift to personality-driven, individual expression, with its latest runway inspired by the blended, carefree styles of a New York house party.

The collection was inspired by a New York house party. (Credit: Getty)

The Coach Shape Bags offer a playful alternative to your carry-all, with pop-art style bags in the shape of lips, hearts, stars, moons and even fish. 

When designing this collection, Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers was inspired by individuality, community and safe spaces—like those where our loudest, wildest selves can feel free to come out. It was about the spirit of “having fun” which, to Vevers, defines fashion in the Big Apple. 

“Fall was inspired by our belief that when you show up as you really are, you inspire others to do so, too,” Vevers said of the collection. “It presents an authentic interpretation of the heritage and house codes that define Coach, redefined through the next generation’s concept of individuality and expression. There’s a straight forwardness that reflects where we’re headed in the future.”

The Coach heart bag on the runway. (Credit: Getty)

Coach isn’t the only designer to showcase shaped bags in recent seasons, with other fashion houses like Chanel and Alaia also putting heart-shaped bags in their recent collections. 

Undeniably inspired by the likes of Schiaparelli—the Italian fashion house renowned for its surrealism—and perhaps the Moschino heart-shaped bag carried by Fran Drescher in The Nanny (and made even more famous by Instagram), these items are a hit among vintage obsessed fashionistas who aren’t afraid to show a bit of character.

The heart bag has grown in popularity on social media, thanks to styles like this, featured on ‘The Nanny’

With this season’s ‘pop of red’ trend taking flight, we can only imagine a love of heart and lip-shaped bags in the hue will continue to soar.

If you’re keen to show off the quirkier side to your style, here are some of the coach bags you can shop in Australia. 


Magenta Heart Bag In Signature Leather by Coach, $595, SHOP HERE


Red Lip Bag In Signature Leather by Coach, $595, SHOP HERE


Silver Star Bag by Coach, $650, SHOP HERE


Blue Fish Bag In Signature Leather by Coach, $595, SHOP HERE

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