Coach Announces New Immersive Pop-Up Paying Homage To The Cult Brand’s History

Grab a cocktail and snap this immersive exhibit.

There’s no denying that Coach has had a long and illustrious history, ever since it was founded in 1941. So, on Wednesday, the fashion set descended on Sydney’s Eveleigh Paint Shop at Carriageworks (which is now open to the public) to coach through the brand’s history—literally.

Paying homage to the history of the brand and the evolution of their bags (especially the iconic Tabby, which has been reimagined for the modern day from the original silhouette back in the 1970s), we were transported back through the ages in a series of expertly decorated train carriages (often referred to as ‘coaches’ in British English).

The pop-up also embraced the house’s distinctive New York heritage, referring to the carriages as “subway cars”, creating an immersive visual journey into the world of Coach.

Naturally, before you get on any train journey, you need to get a ticket. The brand had set up a themed ticket booth, with a real-life teller handing out pink tickets for the Coach trip through the ages.

The gorgeous coaches ready to tour the brand. (Credit: Image: Supplied)
Taking a walk through the brand’s illustrious heritage. (Credit: Image: Supplied)

The first subway car was all about the brand’s most iconic archival moments, celebrating heritage pieces and vintage prints. It’s safe to say that it’s a real feast for the eyes. It is also a great educational piece on how the brand has evolved through the ages with trending pieces, but still maintained a sense of purpose and direction with each and every design.

We were then invited to go through to the second carriage, bringing us into the present day and celebrating the versatile and lusted-after Tabby bag. Everything was pink, naturally, encouraging a playful form of self-expression. This is your chance to embrace that feeling of creativity and snap a selfie or short video for the social platform of your choosing, which you can bet we did.

By now, we’d acknowledged the past and celebrated the present, so the third and final coach was all about forging a new future for the brand. It alluded to a future in personalization, with a bespoke approach to luxury, allowing guests to personalize little hangtags for their Tabby purses.

The Coach Tabby shop is located on premises. (Credit: Image: Supplied)
Personalisation and bespoke character is in the future for this brand. (Credit: Image: Supplied)

There was a gorgeous little Tabby Café on the station platform, ready to serve New York inspired cocktails, burgers and canapes (as well as ice cream for dessert). For the launch, there were a range of famous faces gathered, including singer Isabella Manfredi, Heartbreak High’s Bryn Chapman Parish, and TV presenter Erin Holland.

To celebrate, Australian singer Ruel performed a special rendition of his song ‘Growing Up Is _____’.

How To Attend The Coach Pop Up

The good news is that the launch marked an opening for the public to come and experience The Coach Tabby Tour for themselves.

The pop-up will be open from Wednesday 22nd March for 11 days, closing on Sunday 2nd April. Guests can register there attendance here.

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