Très Chic: The Colourful French Bag We’re Loving This Season

As seen on singer and actress Kim Se-jeong.

Candy-coloured handbags are having a moment. The statement accessory can brighten any ensemble and—subsequently—lift your mood all at once. The latest bag to undergo a vibrant refresh is Longchamp’s Box-Tot. 

Combing a sleek, boxy shape with an adjustable strap and understated hardware, the handbag is a French girl’s wardrobe staple. Now, inspired by the freedom and luxury of a glamping trip, it’s available in eye-popping pink, natural leather, canvas, and lemon yellow.  

Longchamp unveiled the fresh colourways in a Seoul-based campaign fronted by South Korean singer and actress Kim Se-jeong (whose fame has seen her gain more than nine million followers on Instagram). The 26-year-old is the new face of Longchamp, after winning the Best Actor Award in 2022 at the Asia Artist Awards.  

“Longchamp is an authentic brand to express myself with freedom, elegance, and overflowing energy—like a Parisienne,” Se-jeong says.  
“I think the Box-Trot is perfect to act as the key point of an outfit. It has the kind of effortless chic that complements any style, and it comes in colours that really pop out and elevate an otherwise ordinary look.” 

pink handbag french chic
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Longchamp’s new colour cues

With its renewed palette of pop-to-pastel shades, the Box-Trot perfectly complements unfussy, bohemian looks.  

Wear the canvas bag cross-body with a long cotton dress to evoke a sense of lightness and freedom of movement. Or pair the candy pink version à la Se-jeong (above) with an all-white look for an air of Parisian sophistication.  

“I like styles that stick to the basics, while having a key point that stands out. The overall look might appear simple, but I can accessorise differently every day by focusing on whatever key point I choose. Simple is best!” the star says.     

As for her off-duty style, Se-jeoung prioritises comfort: “My favourite outfits still tend to be those that are comfortable to move around in while I’m going about my day. I’m thinking wide-leg pants and cargo pants and, for tops, oversized shirts, hoodies, or loose knitwear.”  

Longchamp handbag french chic
Image: Supplied

A nomadic life

Crafted from smooth calfskin, the Box-Trot showcases Longchamp’s iconic horse and rider motif on the flap’s oversized, gold-tone metal medallion. The recognisable logo symbolises the creative energy and optimism at the core of the French Maison; traits shared by new ambassador, Kim Se-jeong.    

“I think people trust Longchamp and feel comfortable with Longchamp, and I have the impression that is how people feel with me, both as a person and as a performer,” she says.   

Designed for the free-spirited Parisienne who lives life on the go, the Box-Trot is the perfect travel companion for the actress. Plus, it’s spacious enough to hold her everyday essentials, such as her notepads.   

“I think that taking notes is a very important habit to develop, and I love writing things down. I always carry several notepads, each one for something different one is a diary, one is for ideas, one is for studying scripts and characters, and so on,” the actress shares.     

And on the city of lights (and Longchamp’s Maison), Se-Jeong believes that “Paris is somewhere that’s extraordinary even on an ordinary day.  

“However, my joy when traveling doesn’t come from the destination, the culture, or the sights, but from the people I’m with and our experiences together.”    

At once timeless and modern, Longchamp’s Box-Trot makes a case as the French girl’s It-bag of the season, in any colour.  

Brought to you by Longchamp. The Box-Trot ranges from $1,015 to $1,300 AUD.  

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