Street Style Looks At Copenhagen Fashion Week Are Showing The Trends Here To Stay

A masterclass in this season's trends.

Copenhagen has solidified itself as one of the most influential cities in the fashion world, and one look at street style looks from the spring/summer 2023 fashion week showings has proven why. From the slouchy to the sophisticated, the fashion elite have descended upon the city to flex their fashion chops, giving a masterclass on styling this season’s latest trends. 

Whether it’s proving the versatility of the cowboy boot or reimagining denim, there’s no shortage of aesthetic inspiration to take away from week one. 

Below, seven key street style trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week 2022. 


copenhagen fashion week street style barbiecore

With the release of Margot Robbie’s Barbie movie scheduled for next year, barbiecore has defined itself as the colour palette du jour. The vibrant pink hue has been spotted everywhere from the runway (think Valentino’s 22-look collection)  to red carpets, festivals and Instagram feeds around the world. 

With the likes of Anne Hathaway, Florence Pugh and Gigi Hadid embracing the high-fashion aesthetic, we knew it wouldn’t be long until the street style set embraced it with equally open arms. Copenhagen’s streets were set alight with the eye-catching shade, which manifested itself in leather-look corsets, cargo pants, bikini tops and jumpsuits. 

The colourful aesthetic oozes fun and playfulness, injecting a much-needed dose of colour into otherwise neutral wardrobes, and reminding us that our fashion choices can be as big or as little of a statement as we’d like. 

Neon Colour Blocking

copenhagen fashion week street style neon

Speaking of colour, neon hues were equally as popular on Copenhagen’s streets, with a modern mashup on colour blocking that saw clashing tones work together seamlessly. A pair of bright pink pants found their best friend in a lime green, long-sleeved top with feather sleeves, while a bright blue tank top perfectly complimented a blazing yellow midi skirt and neon green mules. 

Of course, traditional colour blocking will never leave the mainstay. A lime green shirt was seamlessly paired with an even brighter shade of green, worn as a puffer vest which fit more like a life jacket. 

Given that it’s currently summer in Copenhagen, a bright, lollipop-esque colour scheme is almost a given. With warmer climates comes a desire to add pops of colour here and there, but we’re leaning into the neon in a big way. 

Chunky Loafers


The chunky loafer trend is undoubtedly here to stay, proving that there really is one shoe to rule them all. Of course, when it comes to statement footwear, it’s best to let the shoes do the talking themselves, so most outfits centered around the chunky look involved a miniskirt or dress and bare legs. 

If you’re looking to break up the arguably leggy look, a pair of white socks goes a long way. Worn at ankle level or higher, it’s just the right level of contrast to round off an already eye-catching outfit. 

Blending high and low fashion


Graphic tees and designer mini skirts proved to be a powerful combination for anyone looking to create a casual aesthetic with an upscale edge. While oversized band tees aren’t the first thing that come to mind when you envisage a fashion week outfit, Copenhagen has proven that it’s possible to build a high fashion look around the wardrobe staple — it’s just about finding the right accessories to go with it. 

Oversized sunglasses, designer handbags and a pair of matching heels were go-to choices across the board, elevating the overall vibe and showing that graphic tees are worthy of a place in your fashion week wardrobe. 

Cowboy Boots


Yeehaw energy has taken hold and it’s easy to see why. While we never thought cowboy boots could prove to be such an all-round shoe, the street style set has proven the opposite.

Tight-skinned maxi skirts, cut-off shorts and high-cut mini skirts are all making a strong business case for the versatility of the knee-high cowboy boot. Certainly not exclusive to boho-devotees, the #ranchcore aesthetic can be customised to your specific style, providing the perfect wear-all-day transition shoe between sneakers and heels. 

Given that the trend has been endorsed by the likes of Elsa Hosk and Emily Ratajkowski, we’d say it’s here to stay. 

Slouchy suiting


Tailored suiting has been the dominant casual workwear choice for the past several years, but more recently, a relaxed, slouchier approach has taken hold. Oversized pants that trail along the ground, oversized blazers and elongated sleeves are all here to stay, in a new approach to smart casual dressing that works both inside and outside the office. 

This time, however, the entirely oversized look was replaced with a hybrid of fitted and baggy. Billowing pants paired with tailored vests open-cut shirts were spotted alongside blazer and shorts combinations which offer the best of both worlds in the battle between oversized versus fitted. 



Cottagecore might feel 2021, but its chokehold over our wardrobes is persisting. Emma Chamberlain has long been advocating for the knitted sweater vest, but Copenhagen’s street style looks are demonstrating that knitted designs are capable of far more. 

Oversized cardigans and mini skirts with matching wraps are just a few of the knitted designs spotted on the streets of Copenhagen in various colours and designs, reminding us that knitwear isn’t exclusive to colder months. 

Reimagined denim


Time and time again, denim has proven itself to be one of the most timeless of all fabrics. While jean trends may change yearly, our obsession with denim has remained steady due to its versatility and ability to adapt to any climate, trend and body type. 

Copenhagen saw an explosion of mid-length denim skirts, paired with oversized jackets and a statement shoe (whether it be boots, heels or a loafer). The look, which has been popularised by the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, has reimagined the denim midi skirt for an entirely new generation (who once associated the aesthetic with major mum energy). 

Denim jackets in various designs were also spotted, from cropped tailoring to oversized styles, cementing the  denim-on-denim look for this season and beyond. 

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