4 Reasons Copenhagen Is The Coolest Fashion Capital

Move over Paris

There’s something to be said about Scandinavian fashion. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get acquainted with the women of Copenhagen, which is quickly shaping up to beat out Paris as the world’s capital of cool.

Twice a year, the city plays host to their own fashion week, which, in recent seasons has become one of the most anticipated of the year — more so than the likes of New York and London. Featuring more stylish and ahead-of-the-trends women than any other city seems to, Copenhagen can be credited with re-inventing some of our favourite recent trends; thongs, buckets hats and fur-trimmed jackets included.

Both on the runways and off, the designers, editors and influencers of the Danish capital have gained themselves a serious reputation — and with good reason.

As this year’s Copenhagan Fashion Week takes off, we take a look at how Copenhagen has stolen the spotlight from its bigger, more famous counterparts.

The street style set don’t follow, they lead

Anyone who has looked at their fair share of Copenhagen street style will attest to this: Scandi women have a habit of leading the pack and setting the tone.

Copenhagen Fashion Week conveniently falls before the start of fashion month, meaning that just before the industry heads to New York, they’re all looking at Danish women to influence their outfits. 

They aren’t afraid to take a risk

In the bigger fashion capitals, designers and showgoers prefer subtlety over taking a risk. The resulting looks are oft-refined and rather safe. In Copenhagen — and Stockholm and Oslo — designers and the street style set are willing to go the extra mile.

Lovers of colour, whether that be through a print or monotone colourblock, the country has embraced a collective friendliness towards standing out, not blending in.

Not ones to follow their peers, leading Danish influencers and editors are ahead of the curve when it comes to dressing to impress.

It’s the place to spot an emerging brand

Do brands like Saks Potts, Cecilie Copenhagen and Ganni ring a bell? They all started — and still show — in Copenhagen. Now, emerging labels like Baum Und Pferdgarten, Joos Tricot and Stine Goya are making waves all over the place.

Street style staples across the Scandi region, these brands are now must-haves for women worldwide. A hard look at what Danish women are wearing in February could have a big impact on staying ahead of the curve in June!

It’s not pretentious

Unlike New York, Paris, Milan and London, Copenhagen doesn’t have the same luxury-only aesthetic or reputation. Instead, designers are credited with taking a chance and trying out new patterns, shapes and silhouettes.

On the street, smaller brands are mixed with high end brands with eclectic and interesting results. There isn’t so much an obsession with brands and logos, but rather a desire to look a little different — and in our eyes, that’s the definition of cool.

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