Cottagecore: How To Embrace The Wholesome Trend Taking Over Instagram

Step 1. Find a meadow

There’s a new trend sweeping Instagram, and it beckons a return to simpler times… Well, sort of. 

‘Cottagecore’, as the kids are calling it, can be described as both an aesthetic and a lifestyle. 

A social media-born movement, it seems to involve trading in city life, and all its complexities, for a quaint and self-sufficient life of picnics, foraging, baking, wild flowers and doilies.

But don’t be fooled, one doesn’t actually need to have a rustic homestead on hand, instead, we’re seeing people adopting bits and pieces from this trend and bringing a little bit of the country to our lives (while remaining in the proximity of wifi, of course).

Motivated by nostalgia, and a dire need for some purpose while we lockdown at home, it’s characterised by its removal from urban life, both in sartorial choices and hobbies.

What’s great about this trend is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously and is relatively accessible. You can pull it off even if your surroundings are a little more inner-city than rolling foothills and pastoral. 

Though we may be proud city-slickers, even we can’t resist a silky headscarf or billowy dress. 

So if a slow down sounds like something you’d like to dip your toes into, here are the essentials to get you started. 

The Dress

Batsheva dress
Batsheva Crystal-Button Ruffled Cotton-Velvet Dress, $652;
Everlane Dress
Everlane The Tiered Cotton Dress, $109;
Sleeper Dress
Sleeper Flower Loungewear Dress, $350 AUD Approx;
Ganni dress
Maggie Marilyn
Maggie Marilyn The Jones 2.0 Dress, $580;

The Headscarf 

The Wolf Gang Zodiac Silk Scarf, $129;
Silk Scarf
Alley Tang Silk Satin Scarf, $89.99;
Frankie Peach Be Square Orange Silk Scarf, $75;

The Straw Basket

Loewe bag
Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Small Basket Bag, $690;
Zara Basket
Zara Natural Basket, $32.95;
Worn store bucket
Worn Store Benoit Bucket Tote, $119;


everlane gingham shirt
Everlane Double-Gauze Relaxed Shirt, $81;
Sleepy Jones Cropped Gingham Cotton Poplin Pants, $98;
faithful the brand dress
Le Galet Midi Dress Kivotos Check, $209;

Chunky Knits

Shrimps cardigan
Shrimps Clara Crystal-Button Wool-Blend Cardigan, $617;
country road sweater
Country Road Textured Knit, $199;
Uniqlo sweater

The Farmer Boot

RM Williams Boots
R.M. Williams Millicent Boots, $595;
Alias Mae Boots
Alias Mae Rome Boot in Bone, $269.95;
doc martens
Doc Marten Icon 7B10 Steel Toe, $289.99;

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