Dior’s Summer Spring 2023 Ready-To-Wear Line Turns The Corset Into A Symbol Of Female Power

The collection is inspired by the formidable Catherine de Medici.
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Dior Spring Summer ready-to-wear collection is officially here and its giving us serious renaissance-core

Taking inspiration from the formidable Catherine de Medici, a Florentine noblewoman who became Queen of France through marriage to King Henry II in 1547, the collection explores feminine power in all of its forms. 

For Maria Grazia Chiuri, this means reinterpreting items such as the corset (which have traditionally been used to restrict women’s bodies) into bold statement of power. Styled with workwear in the campaign, Dior’s corset accentuates the model’s silhouette and becomes a symbol of confidence. 

Dior Spring Summer
Dior’s Spring Summer 2023 collection reinterprets the corset. (Credit: Dior)

We also see crinoline skirts and dresses given a modern reinvention, as they are turned into playful minis while still retaining a sense of history with delicate floral embroidery. 

Crinoline dress dior
Dior Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2023. (Credit: Dior)

It’s not just botanicals that have found their way into the ready-to-wear collection, with bird motifs also given a certain importance of raffia coats. According to Dior, the motifs are “an ode to the virtuosity of needlework and ancestral savoir-faire.” 

Bird motifs dior
Dior Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2023. (Credit: Dior)

Accessories form a central part of the ready-to-wear line, with the Dior Book Tote and Dior Key Bag given a renaissance-inspired transformation. The Book Tote is adorned with floral embroidery while the Dior Key retains a more minimalist appearance.

Christian Dior
Dior Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2023. (Credit: Dior)

The Dior Spring Summer collection beautifully navigates the line between past and present by balancing a sense of history with a bold assertation of modernity. 

We love to see it. 

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