Your Complete Guide To Every Ear Piercing Available

Plus how long they take to heal

Ear piercings are a quick and easy way to change up your look, but with 10 different types available – and varying healing times – it’s important to do your research, figure out which ones will suit your ear shape, and plan ahead.

Top tip: Take a book for your commute during the weeks your helix and tragus piercings are healing (and headphones are out) and make sure to pierce with jewellery you’ll be able to sleep in because you won’t be able to swap it ’til it’s healed. 

Below, all the different types of ear piercings explained.


A lobe piercing is one that goes through the lower part of your ear – most likely where you got your first piercing when you were younger. Nowadays it’s not unusual to see people with three or even four lobe piercings going up the lobe in a line. 
Healing time: 6-8 weeks 


A helix piercing is up from the lobe, along the ear cartilage. People generally wear small hoops when they get their helix pierced. Cartilage piercings generally take a lot longer than lobe to heal – sometimes up to a year, but generally around 3-6 months.
Healing time: 3-6 months 

Helix Flap

The helix flap is the bit of skin that folds over at the top of some people’s ears, so the jewellery sits on the outside of the ear, rather than the inside.
Healing time: 3-6 months 

Forward Helix

A forward helix piercing goes through the cartilage at the front of the ear.
Healing time: 3-6 months.


Daith piercings go through the inner ridge of cartilage, above the tragus (the gold hoop in the above photo).
Healing time: 4-8 months.


Rook piercings go through the cartilage on the ridge between the inner and outer conch, above daith piercings. 
Healing time: 6-10 months.


A conch piercing is when you pierce through the inner, flat part of your ear.
Healing time: 6-12 months


Orbital piercings aren’t exclusive to the ear, but often sit on the lobe or helix area. They are any two piercings that are linked together with one piece of jewellery.
Healing time: 6-8 weeks.


An industrial piercing usually involves two piercings in the ear’s cartilage which are connected by one piece of jewellery. 
Healing time: 6-12 months.


Constellation piercings were created by Brian Keith Thompson (who’s pierced the lobes of Beyoncé). They’re exactly as the name sounds: a small collection of piercings grouped together to look like a constellation of stars. 

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