‘The Crown’ Actress Emma Corrin Says That Princess Diana Had ‘Awful’ Style And We Must Object

The pair are actually kind of style twins...

We’ve been seeing lots of photos of Emma Corrin as a stunning Princess Diana double in season four of Netflix’s The Crown, but it seems the actress thinks looks are the only thing these two share in common, as she reckons the royal had “awful” style. 

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, the British actress shared how much she enjoyed getting to know the late Diana, particularly who she was before fame befell her.

“I loved young Diana. You can’t understand old Dianaolder Dianaproperly without understanding a 19-year-old living with flatmates, going on her first date with Charles. You need to understand the trajectory that she underwent,” she said. 

But Corrin had some choice words to describe her feelings towards Diana’s earlier outfits, before she became the style icon we know her as. 

“Her style was awful,” she said. 

Princess Diana

“That second time she meets Charles, when she’s in those yellow dungarees, I just wanted to cry. I was like, ‘are you joking?’ Awful. And those sweater vests,” she continued. 

The outfit in question is a butter-yellow pair of overalls that we’ve always found rather iconic.

And with sweater vests making their way onto many designer collections this latest fashion week, we have to disagree with the sentiment.

But the 24-year-old likened the retrospect to her own style evolution.

“It really shows that fashion is something that grows with you. I’ve certainly found that. If I look back at pictures of me when I was younger, oh my god. Nightmare!” 

And while we can all certainly relate to a few regrettable looks from the ’00s, we can’t help but draw a line of comparison between Corrin’s style and Princess Diana’s and what we found was pretty uncanny.

Behold, eight pieces of evidence that prove the two aren’t so different after all. 

Emma Corrin Princess Diana Style

Cuffing and lapels on dresses aren’t an everyday find, and yet, the two have come very close to twinning here. 

Emma Corrin Princess Diana Style

A statement shoulder on a cinched-waist dress is pretty on-trend today, but donning the exact same magenta hue? That’s a coincidence we can’t ignore. 

Emma Corrin Princess Diana Style

Turtlenecks under a check blazer is also a very chic look that the pair have both nailed. 

Emma Corrin Princess Diana Style

Opting for a slightly more dainty look than either are known for, here they both are in floral tea dresses.

Emma Corrin Princess Diana Style

But they both clearly know how to rock a three-piece-suit when the occasion calls for it.

Emma Corrin Princess Diana Style

They might have their own indivual twist, but the matching outfit formula of a sailor collar shirt with a thick belt and pencil skirt? Uncanny.

Emma Corrin Princess Diana Style

Both made buttons look extremely classy with a black gown. 

Emma Corrin Princess Diana Style

And both style-savvy Brits have a penchant for statement pearl and diamond earrings. 

We rest our case. 

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