These Are The Biggest Engagement Ring Trends Of 2022, According To Three Jewellers

Can you hear the bells?

With each new year comes the promise of new proposals. Celebrity engagement rings, breathtaking wedding shots and all the bridal fever we could possibly imagine. With the news of Megan Fox’s engagement to Machine Gun Kelly still ringing in our eyes (along with the permanent visual of her breathtaking ring), we couldn’t help but wonder what the world of engagement rings has in store for 2022. 

Last year was all about the oval-cut ring, courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, so we have no doubt that this year will be just as dazzling. To be safe, though, we decided to call in a few experts to give their insights and opinions on the biggest trends to expect. From multi-stone creations to vintage details and statement stacking bands, read on for the biggest engagement ring trends of 2022, as predicted by three jewellers. 

Coloured Stones

“Coloured diamonds, most especially pinks, have also become incredibly popular for couples looking to make a unique and individual statement. Since the Argyle Mine, source of more than 95 percent of the world’s pink diamonds, closed in late 2020, these extraordinary and rare gems have exploded in value and desirability” — Olivar Musson, Musson Creative Director. 


Paradise Oval Argyle Pink Diamond Ring, price on request from Musson


4.62ct Sapphire Spray Ring, $12,550 from Marrow

Dazzling Sapphires

“Sapphire rings are classic and desirable, and thus are a particularly popular choice as engagement and wedding rings. Sapphires are not only considered to be the stone of faithfulness but the gem of devoted love. They are a fail safe option for those wanting to switch it up from a classic diamond, but still have a ring that exudes elegance and timelessness.

Australian blue sapphires are becoming increasingly popular as though they’re renowned for their beautifully deep and rich navy blues, they can be a more affordable option. With more customers wanting to shop homegrown products, Larsen Jewellery have seen an exponential increase in sales of Australian sapphires in 2021. Arguably trailblazing the sapphire trend was Princess Diana and with the 25th anniversary of her death approaching, the popularity of this precious stone will predictably just keep growing and growing” — Larsen Jewellery. 


Classic Oval Sapphire And Diamond Ring, starting from $4,570 from Larsen Jewellery


4.02 ct Sonate Solitaire Sapphire Ring, $174,000 from Van Cleef & Arpels

Statement Stacking Bands

“Whether you have a solitaire setting or a more detailed engagement ring setting, you can really change or step up the look with stacking bands. Every wedding ring we create we build from scratch so it matches the unique contours and form of every engagement ring we make. Contoured wedding rings that are more U shaped or V shaped provide something modern beyond the basic straight and narrow band” — Julie, Point No Point Studio. 


Diamond Contour Ring Band, approx $2,517.86 from Point No Point Studio


Tiffany Soleste V Ring, $4,200 from Tiffany & Co


Featuring a dainty trifecta of light pink and white Argyle diamonds, crafted in 18 carat rose and white gold, this statement ring not only provides dimension in your ring stack but is an unconventional way to maximise the use of diamonds in your engagement ring. 

Blush Aida Dress Ring, $5,195 from Pink Kimberly

Multi-Stone Creations

“There has been a significant increase in customers opting for multistone rings, in order to maximise the sparkle. Multistone rings showcase a cluster of precious stones in groups of three or five set onto the band. The stones can also be arranged asymmetrically offering a stylish flair that differentiates from a classic mirrored diamond design.

Increasingly, we are seeing a lot of customers having more fun in their ring selection, in a move away from the subtle diamond to more bold, more glittering diamonds and stones” — Larsen Jewellery. 


Banks Apricot Diamond Ring, $10.400 from Grew & Co


Rose Gold Engagement Ring With Pear and Kite Shape Diamonds, price on request from Matthew Ely 

Vintage-Inspired details

“We like to pair vintage inspired details like hand engraving, milgrain, bright cutting and other old world techniques with modern geometric shapes like hexagons and kites to give an updated look on classic silhouettes. We especially love using rose cut diamonds to utilize their flat bottom and domed top in order to create low profile settings that are comfortable for everyday wear” — Julie, Point No Point Studio. 


2.35ct Clear Emerald Shaped Diamond Ring, $41,851 from Point No Point Studio


Arabesque Ring, starting from $4,380 from Larsen Jewellery

Trilogy Design

“We are seeing a surge in interest in trilogy designs, both in all diamond and also featuring gemstone hero centres. It’s a style that has never gone out of fashion but it’s back at the zenith of the design wheel” — Olivar Musson, Musson Creative Director. 


Teiza Trilogy Diamond Ring, $33,500 from Musson


18ct Yellow Gold Trilogy Oval And Pear Shape Diamond Ring, from $4,450 from Franco Jewellers


“There has been a notable surge in the demand for ovular shaped diamond cuts such as the marquise or a more classic oval-cut diamond. The shapes and length of these diamonds elongate the finger whilst offering the illusion that they are bigger than other diamonds of a similar weight, in other words more bang for your buck. In 2021 we saw a plethora of prominent celebrity engagements where they opted for oval-cut diamonds, as trends tend to follow celebrities no doubt oval-cut diamonds will continue to be a 2022 favourite” — Larsen Jewellery. 


Osirus Champagne Oval-Cut Diamond, starting from $3,480 from Larsen Jewellery


Oval Engagement Ring with Single Round Brilliant Halo, price on application from Midas Jewellery

Kite Diamonds 

“A bold, geometric shape that optimizes modern style with clean sharp lines. Kites look especially stunning when stacked with one or two V shaped contour wedding stacking rings” — Julie, Point No Point Studio. 


2.61CT White Kite Diamond Ring, approx $10,970.25 from Point No Point Studio


18CT White Gold Kit Cut Diamond Ring, price on application from Linneys

Fair Trade Gold And Sustainable Materials

“In a world that’s increasingly becoming more eco-conscious, consumers want their purchases to reflect their beliefs. The demand for sustainable and ethically made products will continue to increase over the next five plus years as more and more Australians start making this a priority in their purchasing habits to buy items that are not part of the fast fashion cycle.

Larsen Jewellery was the first Australian jewellery brand to accomplish 100% carbon neutral status, and today remain as leaders in the market. They ethically source all their diamonds and gemstones to ensure they are conflict-free, and are a licensed producer of jewellery made from Fairtrade Gold. There are only a handful of providers of Fairtrade Gold in Australia. All our jewellers must document exactly how much gold they are using, and keep it completely separate [from other gold]” — Larsen Jewellery. 


18ct White Gold Pirouette Ring (carbon neutral and conflict free diamond), starting from $2,830 from Larsen Jewellery


Anne Solitaire II | Salt & Pepper Diamond, $3,800 from HLSK

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