These Five Trends Are Predicted To Dominate The Engagement Ring World In 2023

All that glitters.

With an endless parade of celebrities getting engaged this year, there’s no denying that wedding fever is officially upon us. But, before major discussions around the dress, cake and venue can take place, it all starts with one very important question (or more notably, one very important ring). 

This year was dominated by magnificent colours and combined cuts (we’re thinking of Megan Fox’s breathtaking emerald and diamond Toi et Moi design which featured both), but with a new year on the horizon, we’re already thinking about the new trends that might have us in a chokehold. Predicting said trends is front of mind for jewellers at the minute, as they begin dreaming and designing new rings that will change someone’s life the minute that velvet box is opened. 

So, it’s only natural that we consulted our favourite jewellers to share their insights, right? Below, the five trends expected to dominate the world of engagement rings in 2023. 

Signature cuts 

Solitaires are making a comeback – while oval and emerald cut stones have been rising in popularity, I’ve seen a lot of couples opting for the classic round (solitaire) cut as it’s so timeless! — S-kin Studio.

Our pick for the diamond shape to watch is the marquise cut. Marquise diamonds are typically a long and shallow cut which means you get a much larger looking diamond compared to an equally priced round diamond. Their striking shape means they’re perfectly suited to the newer design trends that are gaining momentum Kate Reid, Operations Manager and Jeweller at Larsen Jewellery


Solitaire Gold Ring, $741 from S-kin Studio


Marquise Aura Ring, from $5,940 from Larsen

Eternity bands 

We’ve also seen clients opting for the eternity style diamond band instead of the traditional solitaire style, as an engagement ring. And diamond wedding bands that feature fancy cut diamonds, like pears or ovals are the most requested and we see this continuing into 2023 Sarah & Sebastian.

We’re seeing more customers purchase diamond eternity bands as their engagement ring. It’s a more modern choice, but there’s something timeless about it at the same. Eternity bands can also be stacked with any other piece, bringing the perfect amount of sparkle to any stack. We just launched our 3mm Bold Diamond Eternity Band – our boldest eternity band yet; it features as many as 22 hand-set round brilliant cut diamonds and is engravable for that personalized touch — Justine Lançon, Chief Creative Officer for Mejuri


Eternity Diamond III Ring, $6,900 from Sarah & Sebastian


Band Ring with Diamonds, $4,300 from Tiffany & Co. 

Unique Settings And Shapes 

We can picture some emerging trends gaining even more momentum in 2023: east to west settings, for example, are proving increasingly popular for very good reason! They make for a playful but still endlessly elegant solitaire – we find that there is currently a real demand for pieces that are full of character but have an air of timelessness to them, investment pieces that will become chic future heirlooms. Asymmetrical pieces and toi-et-moi rings are also becoming a firm favourite. I’d recommend these sorts of designs if you are looking for something a bit more daring: they are great canvases for combining different types of gemstones, shapes, and colours, as well as for incorporation graphic bands and settings. They can range from the more subtle to really bold statement pieces Rachel Boston.

Interest in the super popular French inspired Toi et Moi design shows no sign of abating – it is such a romantic style symbolising two people coming together as one which is such a beautiful story Emma Clarkson Webb.


Imogen Ring, $13,317 from Rachel Boston


Toi Et Moi Ring, $3,599 from White November

Sustainable Stones 

The one trend that is coming through stronger and stronger (although it definitely shouldn’t be a trend but a way of life!) is sustainability. Couples are becoming more aware of the environmental crisis and therefore are looking to invest in an engagement ring that will both stand the test of time but also minimise its impact on the environment. We are seeing huge demand for lab grown and antique diamonds, which are by far the most eco-friendly options, and also much more affordable than a newly mined diamond Eliza Walter, Lylie Jewellery

Ethical and environmental considerations are remaining a deciding factor for many. Knowing what impact your purchase has had on climate change and the global community is paramount for many of our customers. Choosing a carbon neutral jeweller to make your engagement ring and knowing that the materials and gemstones used are ethically sourced is a source of pride for all our designers, staff and especially our clients Kate Reid, Operations Manager and Jeweller at Larsen Jewellery.


Willow Pink Emerald Lab Grown Diamond Ring, $14,595 from Kavalri


Oval Madison Lab Grown Engagement Ring, starting from $5,500 from Armans

Personalised messages 

Personalization will continue to be a trend for engagement rings, whether it is a non-traditional piece, like a Toi et Moi Band, that better suits the wearer’s unique personality or is engravable with your unique message — Justine Lançon, Chief Creative Officer for Mejuri

One of the best ways to build sentimentality into an engagement ring is through metal work. Carved, engraved, or sculpted gold can add beautiful and subtle details into otherwise simple ring where hidden messages and symbols can be worked into the design. These symbols can be in the setting but most commonly on the outside or inside of the band. Messages in engagement rings was popular in Victorian and Neo-Classical eras where romantic symbols were blended into the ring as hidden communications of love and devotion. Acrostic jewellery has also begun to resurface where the first letter of each stone will spell out a word, for example Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz spell ‘Dearest’. Acrostic jewellery is believed to have been created by Jean-Baptiste Mellerio who was one of Marie Antionette’s favourite jewellery designers Yasmin Tjoeng from Maison Tjoeng


Bluebell Engraved Ring, starting from $5,760 from Larsen

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