The 10 Pieces From The Erdem X H&M Collaboration That’ll Sell Out Immediately

Run, don't walk

Every year, H&M collaborates with a high fashion designer to create a collection said designer would be happy sending down the runway, but at a fraction of the price. 

Think Chanel tweed coats, Balmain sequin dresses, and Kenzo jumpers, but with an H&M price point. Sold? You bet you are. 

Last night we got our first IRL look at this year’s collab with London-based label Erdem and can safely tell you this: it’s good, it’s really good. 

The entire collection drops in H&M stores worldwide on November 2nd. As with previous years, you can expect people lining up as early as the day before, so in an attempt to guide your frantic beelining, here are the 10 pieces we suggest you sprint towards. 

erdem h&m dress

Jessica dress $299

erdem h&m shirt

Sarah Top $169

erdem h&m skirt

Penelope Skirt $119

erdem h&M shoes

Mary heel $269

erdem h&m leopard print coart

Jodie Coat $299

erdem pants

Mary Trousers $119

erdem h&m earrings

Honey Earring $54.99

erdem h&m

Blazer $249

erdem h&m

Marge handbag $349

erdem h&m dress kate bosworth

Annie Dress $299

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