3 Fashion Tips That Will Instantly Transform Your Everyday Look

Because style success is all in the elevated details…

Every fashion lover knows the power of paying attention to the little details. Sometimes all it takes is a simple tweak—like a statement accessory, a quick refresh, or a pop of colour—to elevate an ensemble to front row status.

If you’re short on time or mindful of the dry-cleaning bill, the challenge is maintaining a wardrobe filled with high-quality garments you wear on repeat. So, it’s essential you have a few next-level style tricks up your sleeve.

Below, we’ve pulled together our top fashion advice to ensure you look and feel on top of your sartorial game every single day.

1. Expert Tailoring

Style success is all in the minute details, starting with how your clothes fit and fall on your body. A sophisticated, expensive pair of trousers will look sloppy if they’re dragging on the ground, while a crisp white button-up can appear shapeless if you’re drowning in the fabric.   

Tailored clothing not only looks more polished, but it will also feel more comfortable and complement your unique body shape. So, invest in a reliable tailor to ensure every piece of clothing shines

Once you’re confident that your staple fashion items fit you perfectly, you can start to play with different proportions (like oversized blazers) and statement pieces (like leather jackets or cashmere knits) to add a stylish twist to your everyday look. 

Friend of Audrey outfit
This stunning three-piece pinstripe suit by Friend of Audrey is a lesson in expert tailoring. (Credit: Photo: Supplied)

2. Refreshing Key Pieces

The quality and condition of your clothes has a major impact on your overall style, yet some of our most prized items can be hard to care for. Wrinkles, creases, faded colours and stains can bring even the most exciting of outfits and fabrics down if you’re unable to care for them properly.

A quick way to transform your tricky-to-clean outfits is Samsung’s Bespoke Mirror AirDresser, which can refresh even the most delicate of items—like leather and wool—in as little as 20 minutes using air and steam al one. The sleek home sanitising cabinet is a luxe investment, and a great way to  and elevate a ‘fit before work or date night.

Samsung AirDresser
A chic addition to your home, the AirDresser gently removes up to 99.9% of certain viruses and bacteria, house dust mites and certain odour causing gases from fabric. (Credit: Photo: Supplied)

The AirDresser also takes the thinking out of clothing care, as it features 24 cycles for various kinds of fabric—from wool and cotton to linen and leather—offering safe and hygienic treatment for all your clothes in-between washes.

3. Mastering Statement Accessories  

When in doubt, accessorise with statement pieces. Structured bags, elegant belts, delicate fabrics and oversized sunglasses are your secret weapons when it comes to upgrading your everyday outfit.  

Adding a statement accessory doesn’t need to be attention-grabbing or steal the sartorial show, as long as it’s not so subtle that it’s invisible. Layer fine jewellery to build a more cohesive and intricate look or introduce a sleek belt to balance a ‘jeans and a nice top’ combo. 

At the other end of the spectrum, oversized jewellery and bold sunglasses can add texture to an otherwise seamless outfit. As for handbags, arm candy can completely change the mood of your outfit depending on the size, colour, and silhouette.

statement jewellery
In this tonal look, a chunky chain necklace by JW Anderson draws the eye upward and adds a glimmer of gold. (Credit: Photo: Getty)

 Brought to you by Samsung. Discover the BESPOKE Mirror AirDresser with Sanitisation and Wrinkle Reduction with mirror finish for $2,999 at 

Disclaimer: *Fabrics have different care management depending on how they were processed and finished. This fabric care guide does not cover all materials and therefore use it for just a reference. Make sure to check the care label on your clothing before using with AIRDRESSER to prevent any damage.

[1] Leather must be 100% natural leather (no artificial leather) and must only be used on Fur/Leather cycle.
[2] Based on Samsung internal protocols. Results provided to and interpreted by Intertek. Eliminates 99% of Iso-Valeric acid: sweat, 4-Ethenyl pyridine: tobacco, Valeraldehyde: roasting meat, and Tetrachloroethylene: dry cleaning, when using the quick and daily care modes. Testing for Iso-Valeric acid and 4-Ethenyl pyridine based on KS K0891 Standard. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.
** Based on independent testing by Intertek, using a normal course according to KS K 0891 and ISO ADJ F01. Wool fabric wrinkle recovery efficiency was 100% and rayon fabric wrinkle recovery efficiency was 80% after using the AirDresser in Daily Care mode.
***A) Testing based on Samsung internal protocols. Results provided to and interpreted by Intertek. 1) Eliminates up to 99.9% of certain viruses from cotton fabric when operated on Daily Care + Sanitize setting, including Influenza B, Norovirus (Murine Norovirus), 
Rhinovirus (Human Rhinovirus), Hepatitis A (Human hepatitis A), Rotavirus (Porcine Rotavirus) and enterovirus (Porcine enterovirus).
*** B) Eliminates up to 99.9% of certain bacteria from cotton fabric when operated on Daily Care + Sanitize setting such as Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, MRSA, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Legionella pneumophilia, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, klebsiella pneumoniae, Corynebacterium diphtheriae, and Enterococcus faecalis
*** C) Test results indicate that it can kill house dust mites from the outside of cotton clothes when operated on Daily Care + Sanitize setting. Testing based on Samsung internal protocols. Results provided to and interpreted by Intertek.

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