A Music Festival Veteran Explains Her Out There Splendour Style

Go big or go home

When a festival is only once a year, why not take the opportunity to push fashion boundaries? 

Australian model Annalise McLachlan’s motto is just that. While others make the case for a ‘less is more’ approach to festival style – ditching the flower crowns and opting instead for small sunglasses and denim shorts – Annalise has the attitude of go big or go home.

Below, the Aussie beauty talks us through her looks for all three days of this year’s Splendour in the Grass

BRB, off to buy a pink cowboy hat (or some glitter, at least).

Day One

For my first outfit, ‘Disco Cowgirl’, I was vibing a lot of pinks and neutral colours. My Spell & the Gypsy Collective light pink floral top was the base of my inspiration – it’s where a lot of the tones were pulled from to make the outfit and I built my look from there.

Day Two

For day two, I went as a sort of gypsy mermaid. I adore ocean tones so I really embraced the light turquoise colours of my top. The thought of being a mermaid gives me this almost freaky yet beautiful nature vibe.

Day Three

I named my last outfit Gold Member and really wanted to really push a bit of ’80s disco meets crazy Burning Man vibes. I felt like a creature from another planet! Gold is a colour that I adore wearing and my olive green and gold slip dress from Spell & the Gypsy Collective couldn’t have been more perfect.

The amazing part is that my personality has so many different layers and when I turn fashion into art like this, it’s like I’m exploring different types of characters from my soul. 

My ideas can be super crazy and I’m never afraid to take risks with style, but I know just where the line is to let it be magic.

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