Florence Pugh On The Jewellery Item From Her First Boyfriend That Gave Her “Goosebumps”

marie claire caught up with Pugh at the Tiffany & Co. 'Vision & Virtuosity' exhibition.

Florence Pugh might be best known for her confidence, boldness and undeniable vibrancy, but another mostly unseen characteristic of the talented Brit is her sentimental nature. 

Indeed, while her unique style and down-to-earth personality has garnered her a worldwide fanbase—she really is loved by the masses—Pugh has a softer side to her she rarely lets show.

We soon found that out ourselves when marie claire caught up with the Don’t Worry Darling star at the Tiffany & Co. ‘Vision & Virtuosity’ exhibition opening gala in London, where Pugh joined A-listers including Daisy Edgar-Jones, Rachel Zegler and Nicola Coughlan.

The atmosphere inspired us to ask her about her first ever piece of Tiffany & Co jewellery—and like the beloved star herself, she had a unique story. 

“My first Tiffany piece was actually from my first boyfriend, I think it was our two-year anniversary and I must have been 17 at the time,” she explained.

“He got me the silver knot, and I remember opening it and it was this blue box, and I remember just having goosebumps all up my skin and thinking, ‘Oh my God what have you done!'”

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Pugh added that Tiffany & Co’s iconic blue box alone was enough to pique her excitement. 

“It doesn’t matter what level of jewellery it is, it’s just such a special piece. For a box that is literally how the jewellery travels in, it manages to give so much excitement and so much pleasure, even you haven’t even seen the gift yet.”

Of course, the silver knot is only one memorable piece in Pugh’s jewellery archive. She adds that one piece she owns is more special to her than anything else. 

“I was given a bracelet by my grandparents for my 21st [birthday], it was a bracelet my Grandad had given my Granny when they were 25—it’s silver and has all these wonderful purple stones on it. It’s a very sentimental piece,” she explained.

But don’t expect to see Pugh wearing it out and about anytime soon: “I rarely actually wear it because it’s so special, I should probably actually wear it more,” she laughs. 

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Of course, Pugh was, to coin a phrase, dripping in jewels for the Tiffany & Co event—all designed the iconic jewellery house. 

The actor also opted to wear a black two piece ensemble by New Zealand-born designer Emilia Wickstead—the colour seemed like a natural choice to compliment the diamonds. It was a night to celebrate jewellery, after all. 

But Pugh made note that this all-black look, and any others would be few and far between when it comes to her red carpet style. 

“I love colour and I love bold and I love eras and I think, I’m not really on trend [when I dress up] I just think like being a bit of an odd ball,” she told us. 

“I don’t really have a specific style, I wake up and I decide who I want to be that day, it does genuinely merge into so many different people.”

She added that when it comes to style, she’s learned that looking inward and listening to herself first is what gives her the most confidence. 

“When you’re going to these events with so many different people with so many different ideas about what you’re wearing, you just have to dress up and be excited about what it is that you’re wearing.

“The moment you start wearing things for other people it becomes so… screwed I suppose.” 

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