The One Interview Question That Made Gigi Hadid Cry

Don’t cry, Gigi!

As one of the most famous models in the world, it’s hard to imagine Gigi Hadid as a normal 23-year-old woman. But in her most recent magazine interview, Hadid showed her more emotional side, shedding a few tears during the interview while discussing the pitfalls of fame.

Speaking to Variety, the supermodel who has graced runways for Chanel and campaigns for Prada, revealed it isn’t always roses. When asked about her thoughts on fame, Hadid was honest about the experience, admitting it isn’t always easy.

“Fame is something that I deal with and learn about every day,” Hadid says, starting to tear up. “I’ve had my ups and downs with it for sure, because overall, it’s definitely a learning process. I’ve learned a lot about myself because of it.”

“I’ve learned to be honest with myself and celebrate myself, protect myself, be assertive when I need to. I always want to be kind, but that doesn’t mean I need to let people take advantage of me. I’ve learned my connection with the Earth, going to places where I can be myself and not worry about being photographed. Although in moments I’ve resented it, I think that overall, I wouldn’t be as developed within myself without it,” she continued, eventually apologising to the interviewer for her tears.

Gigi Hadid

Apart from being brave and honest, Hadid’s answers shine a light on the life of a celebrity — especially in an Instagram age. Admitting she’s had to grow up quicker because of it, the model goes on to share how public pressure can make her feel “out of control” of her own life.

“It makes me emotional because at times, fame makes you feel out of control of your life. I think it’s tough. Obviously, people judge you. People can create a headline or an opinion about someone based on a small moment or a mistake.”

“I’ve always been someone that feels heavily because I’m a projector. I take people’s energy. I think that I’ve always tried to learn and improve any time I’ve made a mistake or did something that I wasn’t proud of,” she said.

Aw, Gigi, we love you!

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