Julia Roberts, Halle Bailey & More Lend Their Support To Gucci’s Fight For Gender Equality

They're commemorating a decade of work.
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Gucci is celebrating one decade of CHIME, their global campaign for gender equality

The initiative was founded by powerhouse duo Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Salma Hayek Pinault back in 2013, on a desire to bring people together across borders and generations, in the fight for equality

This began with a global concert, hosted in London and broadcast to one billion viewers, with a stunning line-up of performers including Beyoncé herself, Florence Welch, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, and more. This event alone raised $3.9 million.

Mary J Blige and Jennifer Lopez perform at the ‘Chime for Change’ concert in 2013. (Credit: Image: Getty)

Ten years on, the campaign has raised $21.5 million, which Gucci estimates has been used to impact the lives of 635,000 girls and women globally.

To mark a decade dedicated to advancing gender equality, the house has enlisted Academy Award-winning director (and CHIME advisory board member) Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy to lens a series of 35 poignant videos.

Lending their voices and stories to the cause are long-time supporters like Julia Roberts and Florence Welch, as well as newer faces including Halle Bailey and Valkyrae. 

“It’s incredible how scary the world is for females.” (Credit: Image: Getty)

“It’s incredible how scary the world is for females,” Julia Roberts said.

But the actress says she sees hope in future generations, namely, her 18-year-old daughter

“She and her friends inspire me on the daily because they are so informed in women’s rights, climate change, in so many things that they feel is their responsibility. I find that really inspirational.”

“A world that’s gender equal to me is us not even having to say it’s equal.” (Credit: Image: Getty)

Halle Bailey, on the other hand, said, “a world that’s gender equal to me is us not even having to say it’s equal.”

“Somebody like me, a woman of colour playing a role like Ariel, for that to not be a shock or a surprise to people. You know, for us black and brown women to just be able to be anything that they want to be.”

“Part of being a female performer is constantly [being] observed and scrutinized.” (Credit: Image: Getty)

And for Florence Welch, who fronts Florence and the Machine, true gender equality means freedom of expression. 

Part of being a female performer is constantly [being] observed and scrutinized,” she explained.

“On stage is actually where I feel, almost like, liberated from my gender. I feel like I’m allowed to be big, I’m allowed to be furious, I’m allowed to be sensual, I’m allowed to be dominant. I’m allowed to be terrifying.”

“That freedom of expression and to feel like it is safe to do that, you know. Not just on the stage but, you know, walking down the street, would be a great thing.”

Sharing her thoughts on on the project, director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy said, “The commitment of Gucci CHIME to amplify voices over the last decade speaks to me and my work.”

“Each film in this new series is an important reminder of why we need to champion the voices of those who are working to create change. I hope this campaign will reinvigorate conversations around the world, so that everyone feels the urgency to contribute towards creating a more gender equal future.”

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