In The Bag: The Handbag Trends We’re Eyeing Off This Season

From Y2K nostalgia to down-to-Earth techniques.

The ultimate arm candy, a handbag can be the make-or-break accessory when it comes to a perfectly planned outfit.

Just like we mix up our shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses to match the styles seen on runways around the world, there are several shapes and textures making waves (and turning heads) in the handbag world right now.

Here are the trends we’re keeping our eyes—and hands—on right now.

Y2K Nostalgia

 We’ve seen the return of noughties fashion in the form of low-rise pants and miniskirts, but our handbags are now also embracing all the Y2K era had to offer.

Coach Jelly Tabby
Coach Jelly Tabby in Gold, $650. (Credit: Supplied)

With candy-coloured tones and playful textures like sparkles, transparent fabrics, and look-at-me metallics, the trend is a kitschy take on the early noughties.

Coach’s Jelly Tabby puts a 2000s twist on a classic structured silhouette, made from bio-attributed PVC in shades of green, flower pink, light violet and gold. It’s a playful choice for day or night, with a detachable wrist strap and crossbody strap for versatile wear that’ll have you singing “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” every time you wear it.

Classic Shapes

On the other end of the style spectrum, classic shapes are making a return to our collections.

From baguette-shaped clutches to leather totes, these handbags evoke a sense of quiet luxury that are perfect for the meticulously curated capsule wardrobe.

Fashion houses are dipping into their design archives and reviving some of the most classic and iconic shapes for a new generation, adding up-to-date details like textured leather and polished hardware.

Softly Softly

Coach Pillow Tabby
Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag 18 in Light Violet and Flower Pink, $750 each. (Credit: Supplied)

Led by the viral Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag 18, this trend wraps structured silhouettes in pillowy-soft and plush cushioning. Heralded as “adorable” by TikTok, the bag puts a comfy and creative twist on a classic style and shape.

Reminiscent of marshmallows and 90s hip-hop puffer jackets, the trend continues to make waves thanks to a combination of the go-with-anything shape that fits all the essentials and an irreverent and cheeky twist.

Seeing Double

For maximum impact with minimal effort, the trend of “double bagging” takes centre stage. Designed for those who want to show off their collection, it’s all about mixing and matching different sizes, shapes, and textures of bags…all at the same time.

Whether it’s pairing a maxi tote with its mini-me matching version, or carrying colour-contrasting clutches, the trend takes the phrase “less is more” and throws is out the window.

Wonderfully Woven

If out-of-this world shapes and styles aren’t your thing, there’s a trend that’s all about coming back down to Earth, with a focus on natural and traditional materials and techniques: woven bags.

Leathers, suedes, straw, and raffia are being knotted, criss-crossed, and braided together in a stylish web, with the trend suiting anyone who wants a casual basket bag for a weekend at the markets, or a luxurious leather clutch for a special night out.

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