Harry Styles Confirmed As The New Face Of Gucci

A match made in heaven

Whether you listen to his music or not, it’s almost impossible to deny that Harry Styles is one cool human.

After leaving One Direction, the 24-year-old chose to ditch the pop music he’d come to be known for and branch away from the textbook boyband mould. He chose a smaller part in a now Academy Award-winning film, Dunkirk, over a classic Hollywood rom-com, and, most importantly, he started wearing the most epic Gucci suits as if he’d been born in them.

harry styles
Case in point

Of course, Styles’ style and all-round individuality caught the eye of the Italian fashion house, who just confirmed him as their new face with a teaser Instagram post. 

“Looking behind the scenes on set: the new #GucciTailoring campaign, @harrystyles. #AlessandroMichele.” the caption reads, showing half Style’s face underneath a fish and chip sign.

No word yet on what we can expect from the collaboration, but if it includes those cheekbones and more floral suits, we’re all for it.

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