Harry Styles Is In His Movie Star Era—See His Best Looks From Venice Film Festival Here

We’re taking notes from his balmy travel wardrobe.

He may be the new king of pop, but now it seems that Harry Styles is also coming for Hollywood’s crown as well.

The 28-year-old pop-sensation descended on the Venetian lagoon of Lido di Venezia ahead of the 79th Venice Film Festival, sending the otherwise picturesque city into bedlam.

Hoards of screaming teenagers lined the barricades at the Palazzo del Cinema and along the canals for two whole days before the star touched down, just to get a glimpse of the musician.

But if one thing is clear from Styles’ short lived but memorable stint in the city of love, it’s this: Harry is in his movie star era.

Harry Styles wearing Gucci at the 79th Venice Film Festival (Credit: Courtesy of Gucci/Backgrid)

Of course, we should’ve known this period was inevitable, especially considering Harry teased this with his song ‘Cinema’ from Harry’s House.

But what’s a glorified movie star without an enviable and coveted wardrobe? Thankfully for Styles, he has that part down pat.

There’s no doubting that the rules of menswear have become less binary, with androgynous and subversive styles seeping into the runways and red carpets of some of our favourite male heartthrobs.

We’ve come a long way from the days of Marlon Brando and his infamous skin-clad white t-shirt, but it seems that Harry Styles is sartorially pushing for a resurgence of 70s silhouettes.

Harry Styles wearing Gucci at the 79th Venice Film Festival (Credit: Source: Getty)

His entire Venice wardrobe is accented by Ziggy Stardust inspired flares, Jimi Hendrix blazers and of course, Maurizio Gucci inspired frames.

While his wardrobe was courtesy of Alessandro Michele and Gucci, we can’t help but notice the similarities between Styles’, well, style and that of Yves Saint Laurent.

The late YSL’s personal style was chronicled by a seemingly effortless elegance—at least by today’s standards.

An agular, elongated lapel of a blazer, or should we say smoking jacket, or high waisted and über tailored trouser are staples in both Styles’ and Saint Laurent’s wardrobe, a motif that was well explored in Venice.

All that is needed to complete his aesthetic is a proverbial Betty Catroux, Loulou de la Falaise and Paloma Picasso on his arms. Perhaps Florence Pugh, Olivia Wilde and Gemma Chan are more than happy to assume these roles.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles wearing Gucci at the 79th Venice Film Festival (Credit: Source: Getty)

It’s clear that Styles uses clothes as a vehicle to explore his public persona. His first foray as a solo artist was marked by androgynous, David Bowie-inspired silhouettes and suiting.

His recent ‘Harry’s House’ era is defined by eclectic and less polished ensembles when compared to his three piece ‘Fine Line’ suits.

When Harry took to Coachella earlier in the year, he exalted dopamine dressing with a sequined Gucci jumpsuit and saccharine pepto bismol pink faux fur shawl. Now, it’s apparent that Styles is embracing a new mode of dressing.

One that isn’t reliant on over the top ensembles and wacky combinations to capture your attention. Perhaps he’s been following TikTok’s ‘three word method’ and learnt the process of editing.

His ensembles are also a contrast from his recent European summer wardrobe, where relaxed shirting and vintage prints from the likes of Bode and SS Daley reign supreme.

Now, here in Venice, Styles is no neither a showman nor showy, rather sophisticated, classic and timeless. Just how we like it.

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